Technology Solutions

We want to help you find cutting-edge solutions to energy efficiency. That's why we developed our Customer Advanced Technologies (CAT) program.

It's a research and development program designed to help you use and evaluate new or underutilized technologies.

CAT provides funding for customers in exchange for a two-year monitoring agreement. This is a win-win proposition for you and for all of our customers as we strive to reduce the need for new power plants.

Unlike many R & D programs, ours emphasizes real-world demonstration projects. We've completed demonstration projects with lighting technologies, building envelopes, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and a wide variety of other technologies.

Quarterly newsletter

CAT produces a free electronic newsletter that is published and distributed via e-mail quarterly. It describes current research and includes a calendar of technology workshops. If you'd like to be added to the distribution list, e-mail

To participate

If you're interested in participating in SMUD's Customer Advanced Technologies Program or have questions about completed projects, please call (916) 732-6409. Or send an e-mail to

Achieve energy savings and reduce GHG emissions by installing a natural refrigeration system or retrofitting a high-GWP system today.

To be eligible for this pilot program, customer must install a new natural refrigerant system and meet the other requirements of the Custom Incentive or Savings by Design programs, or Retrofit an existing refrigerant system with a natural refrigerant and meet the other requirements of the Custom Incentive or Savings by Design programs

More information

Download the fact sheet for a quick overview

Download the program summary

Download the supplemental application

Contact Ryan Hammond, P.E. at or 916-732-5647 

Advanced technologies reports

These reports will help you understand the projects we've conducted. Please note that we provide these reports as a public service, but we don't endorse specific products or manufacturers. Mention of any particular product or manufacturer should not be construed as an implied endorsement.