EV charger & installation application for income-eligible customers

SMUD is offering free electric vehicle chargers and EV circuit installation to income eligible customers in single-family homes. This includes:

  • A Level 2 EV charger and
  • Required electrical work to accommodate your new charger

Am I income eligible?

If you're enrolled in or qualify for SMUD’s Energy Assistance Program Rate (EAPR), you're income eligible. 

  • If you're unsure if you're already enrolled in EAPR, you can find out by looking at your bill. If your rate category includes the phrase “w/EAPR” or “w/EAPR & MED” then you're enrolled.
  • If you're not enrolled, check your eligibility with our qualification tool.


Before applying, please make sure:

  1. You're income eligible (see above for qualifications).
  2. You live in a single-family home.
  3. You purchased or leased a new or used plug-in electric vehicle (PEV).
  4. The name and signature on the application matches the SMUD customer of record (customer named on the SMUD bill).
  5. Signed waiver from property owner authorizing installation

What to expect

After your application is submitted, SMUD will review eligibility. Once verified your request will be sent to our contractor who will contact you within 2 business days to schedule an in home appointment to start the installation process. The appointment may be six weeks or more out due to the popularity of the program. Placement of the charger will placed as close to the panel as possible. There will be no exceptions or modifications.

Before your appointment, download and review a waiver form.

If you register your EV on My Account, you can also receive a 1.5¢ discount on all electric use between midnight and 6 AM. For a SMUD account to receive the EV rate credit, a plug-in electric vehicle must be registered with the DMV using the same service address as the SMUD account.