Cordova Park Underground Cable Replacement Project

As part of our maintenance and upgrade protocols for the power grid infrastructure, we’re upgrading underground electric equipment to provide more reliable service to customers. (See more project details below.)

This will help reduce the number and duration of power outages in this area by replacing underground power cables and equipment that are nearing the end of their operational lives.

SMUD’s Cordova Park Substation is located near the intersection of Ambassador Drive and Trails Court in Rancho Cordova, Sacramento County.

This project is estimated to start over the summer of 2022. Construction for Phase 1 is anticipated take up to 3 months and would begin in the summer of 2022. Phase 2 construction would take approximately 12 months once initiated, and is anticipated to begin in the next five to seven years.

SMUD proposes to install approximately 0.6 miles of 12 kilovolt (kV) underground cable, approximately 2.12 miles of 69kV underground cable and up to 13 new utility vaults in the City of Rancho Cordova, near the location of existing 12kV and 69kV underground cables.

Anticipated activities

The proposed scope of work for final construction includes:

  • Excavation, grading and surfacing

Installation of:

  • Underground conduit and grounding
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Cutover of underground utility lines from the existing electrical facilities

The12kV cable path runs from the Cordova Park Substation into Ambassador Drive and continues east for approximately 0.6 miles, where it connects with existing riser poles just east of Ellison Drive.


SMUD has prepared an environmental impact report (EIR) for the project to satisfy the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Public Resources Code Section 21000 et seq.) and serves as the lead agency for CEQA compliance. The purpose of publishing the Draft EIR is to provide sufficient information about the project and its potential environmental impacts. 

A mitigation monitoring reporting program (MMRP) has been approved and will be followed during construction activities. It can be found in the Final Environmental Impact Report below. 



If you have any questions regarding the environmental process for this project please contact Rob Ferrera at 916-732-6676 or

If you have any questions regarding this project please contact Daniel Honeyfield at 916-732-6676 or