Solar billing options

As a solar power customer, you have the choice of how you want to be compensated for net energy metering surplus (excess) energy.

When you use more electricity than your solar panels make, we supply the difference and you pay for that electricity consumption. When you make more electricity than you use, the surplus flows back to the grid and we pay you.

Over a 12-month settlement period, if your surplus energy is more than SMUD supplied you, you must choose whether you want to be compensated with money back or credited in kilowatt hours against the electricity SMUD supplies to you during the following 12-month settlement period.

If you choose to get money back, your compensation will be based on the annual average cost for SMUD to generate electricity (wholesale rate), which is less than the retail rate that we charge customers for electricity. A credit will automatically be placed on your account after settlement.  For current rates, visit

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