Station E substation

The Station E substation will improve the reliability and capacity of midtown and downtown. 

 Aerial map of the location of the station E substation
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SMUD is constructing a new substation in Sacramento at the north end of 20th Street, north of C Street and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. The new Station E Substation will replace the North City Substation. Constructed in the 1950s, the North City Substation is nearing the end of its planned operational use.

Substations are critical links in the electrical distribution system. Electricity travels through SMUD’s transmission system to substations where it can be converted to a lower voltage before safely being delivered to homes and businesses. The Station E Substation will directly serve the midtown and downtown areas, improving energy reliability and capacity.

Anticipated activities

The scope of work for Final Construction includes:

  • Grading and surfacing
  • Construction of concrete foundations and control building

 Installation of:

  • Underground conduit and grounding
  • Steel structures and equipment (transformers, circuit breakers, switches)
  • Electrical buss and wiring
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Cutover of overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines from the existing North City Substation

Environmental enhancements and management

Environmental leadership is one of SMUD’s core values. SMUD has invested over $16 million to haul away waste and contamination that had been on the site for decades to prepare it for substation construction which begins May 2019. 

The portion of the site where Substation E will be constructed is now much cleaner and safer and meets environmental and geotechnical requirements for construction.

Learn more about the project site and view original CEQA documents.

Learn who will remove the waste and how it will be removed.

SMUD and its construction contractor will monitor air quality during substation construction keeping an eye on dust emissions from the site. Air quality monitoring data will be made available here and updated once a week.

View current air monitoring report     Get weather conditions

For previous air quality reports, please email

Learn how to reduce your exposure and protect your health from harmful particle pollution.

SMUD’s contractor is required to implement dust control measures that include the following:

  • Wetting travel areas with water trucks
  • Stockpile management BMPs
  • Onsite speed limit
  • Limited soil disturbance during high winds
  • Dust monitoring
  • Track out control measures
  • Wet power vacuum street sweeping

July (Mid) 2019 Update

Our contractors are planning to pour the Control Building foundation on July 18. Work is planned to begin at midnight and conclude approximately at 7 AM. Due to the size of this concrete pour and the extreme heat during the day, it is important that the work be completed during off-hours (nighttime). We anticipate a total of 500 cubic yards of concrete delivered in 50 trucks during this portion of the work.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation with us.

Foundation preparation work at Station E

Foundation preparation work

Project status archive

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