For Immediate Release: March 11, 2020

Local chambers introduce “This is Sacramento” art exhibit

Local artists represent Sacramento’s diverse culture at SMF
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Meet Sacramento  
Many cultures, one community 
Diversity is our strength
Sacramento is my home

The Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce and Sacramento Black Chamber of commerce, as well as with SMUD and Wells Fargo to highlight the diversity of Sacramento with an art exhibit at the Sacramento International Airport. This interactive exhibit— This is Sacramento — features renowned local artists and muralists who spotlight the people, places and neighborhoods that make Sacramento one of the most culturally integrated cities in the world.


“We’re excited to be partnering with our fellow chambers to highlight the uniqueness of our region,” said Fred Palmer, executive director of the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce. “In this phase, we are celebrating our differences and providing visitors with a space to recognize our cultural assets.”

“This airport exhibit is the first phase but will expand into some of Sacramento’s most culturally rich neighborhoods in phase two,” said Azizza Davis Goines, president and CEO of the Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce.

“Art can bring people together and our purpose in this initiative is to celebrate those differences, start conversations, illuminate social causes and energize our communities,” said Pat Fong Kushida, president and CEO of the Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce. The exhibit features artwork from local artists and provides a pathway for emerging artists to grow their careers and display their artistic interpretations of Sacramento to visitors to Sacramento and their own neighborhoods. The exhibit is located on the third floor of Terminal B and includes murals, sculptures and multimedia displays.

Phase two will expand into neighborhoods with a total of six to eight art installations.

“This is a unique partnership that honors our cultural diversity, colors our neighborhoods and creates a sense of community pride while providing economic opportunities for featured artists,” said Cathy Rodriguez, president and CEO of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Featured artists in this exhibit include:

  • Brandon Manning (filmmaker/certified drone operator) responsible for all filming, editing, interviewing, location scouting and offsite coordination. Find more of Brandon’s work at
  • Daniel Tran (architect/sculptor) responsible for all space planning, fabrication, sculptural installation and overall onsite coordination. For more on Daniel’s work, visit
  • Jake Castro (muralist) responsible for all mural work, lighting, signage and other printed materials. More of Jake’s work can be found at
  • Jerry Wang (content creator) responsible for projection mapping work, animation, still graphics and all other audio/visual work concerning monitor content and web content. Contact Jerry at
  • Carl Costas (visual thinker) responsible for filming community member video. Spent the last two decades using his camera to shoot commercial, editorial and personal work. For more of his work, visit

“We are proud to be building sustainable communities with our regional partners and aligning our efforts with the very things that make Sacramento great. Celebrating arts, culture, education and health helps to enhance the fiber of Sacramento,” said Jose Bodipo-Memba, director of SMUD’s Sustainable Communities program.

About SMUD

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