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If you're looking to save energy and save money on your multifamily property, we have two options for you. One is the special Home Performance Program for Multifamily. The other is our Multifamily Prescriptive Rebates program, which we introduced in 2009.

Option 1: Home Performance Program for Multifamily

To qualify for the performance based incentives, multi-family properties must contain three or more apartment units and improve energy efficiency levels by a minimum of 10 percent over existing property conditions. Effective January 2015, SMUD is offering incentives starting at $300 per unit for a 10 percent improvement in energy efficiency (only electric KWh savings) and increasing $30 for each additional percentage improvement to encourage deeper energy savings (i.e. 11% KWh savings = $330 per unit).

Step 1

  • Call SMUD at 916-732-6484 or send an email to  to qualify your property for the SMUD Home Performance Program — Multifamily (HPP-MF).

  • Review the HPP-MF Program Summary Presentation - click here.

Step 2

  • Select a Independent Energy Rater - click here.

  • Review the HPP-MF Policies & Procedures Handbook - click here.

Step 3

  • Complete the Home Performance Program Multi-Family Application and submit to SMUD - click here.

  • Perform an upgrade assessment.

  • Receive approval from SMUD to proceed with upgrades (i.e. Notice To Proceed).

Step 4

  • Complete the energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Perform and submit HERS II post-upgrade energy analysis.

  • Independent HERS II Raters to submit completed Rater Verification and Construction Completion form - click here.

  • Property owners and independent HERS II Raters will receive SMUD HPP-MF incentives only after the HERS II Rater submits the completed SMUD's Request for Payment forms to the HPP-MF program manager (for both construction and HERS II incentive payments) - click here.

Please note that effective May 12th 2015, SMUD's HPP-MF program will impose a limit of one hundred (100) MF units that can be used to calculate SMUD's total HERS II rater's incentive. The HERS II rater's incentive remains the same --$80 per unit, but the maximum compensation that HERS II rater could receive from the SMUD's program would be $8,000 ($80 * 100). On the other hand, only different and unique building types in the complex need to be modeled (not every building). The HPP-MF funding is available on a first-come first-served basis, until allocated funds are exhausted. The program may be modified or terminated without notice.

Option 2: Multifamily Prescriptive Rebates

You may qualify for these energy-efficiency rebates if your property has three or more units, and you can apply now to reserve funding for your rebates. You can use these rebates to install qualified products in existing apartment or condominium units and in the common areas of apartments, condominiums and mobile home parks.

Here's complete information to help you understand eligibility requirements and the process for reserving rebate funds.

Download the SMUD Multifamily Program Rebate Reservation worksheet. To track improvements on your property, you may also want to download a Multifamily Product Location Map worksheet.

To contact SMUD's Multifamily Program staff, please e-mail or call (916) 732-6484.

Team with SMUD and Save--Energy Saving Practices for Multi Housing Residents

The following list is a sampling of some easy cost-saving practices which multifamily housing residents can use to reduce energy use in their apartment - click here.

New SMUD Multifamily Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Rebates

In 2015 and 2016, SMUD is offering $1,500 rebate per EV charger installation or up to 75% of the total installation cost. For more information, please call 916.732.5887 or e-mail

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