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Compact Fluorescent Lights

When you make the change from incandescent light bulbs to energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights, you get similar light levels for about a quarter of the energy and cost.

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CFLs are good for the environment, but don’t forget to recycle old bulbs.

It all adds up

Traditional incandescent bulbs typically last about 1,000 hours and waste about 90 percent of their energy generating heat. CFLs on the other hand, will:

  • use up to 75 percent less energy with no loss in light
  • last six to eight times longer
  • deliver up to seven years of warm, inviting light

More good news

CFLs meet stringent ENERGY STAR® guidelines for long life, energy savings, start time, color and brightness.

With CFLs, you'll:

  • enjoy greater energy-efficiency
  • purchase fewer replacement bulbs
  • choose from a variety of attractive styles, and
  • fit them into your conventional light sockets

The other white light

CFLs put energy savings in a new light.

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Shine a light on savings

Our detective spotlights energy-efficient lighting.

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