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Cool roofs

Cool Roofs reflect solar energy and discharge stored heat. So they have both high reflectivity and high emissivity. Compared to standard roof surfaces, Cool Roofs stay 50 degrees to 60 degrees cooler on hot summer days. And that keeps cooling costs down. Watch a SMUD video to learn more.

Homeowners win with:
  • Lower cooling costs
  • Reduced A/C equipment wear
  • Longer roof life
  • Greater comfort
Our community wins with:
  • Cooler neighborhoods (reduced “Urban Heat Island” effect)
  • Lower energy demand during peak cooling periods
  • Less air pollution
  • Less roofing waste sent to landfills

Save money

Save an average of 20 percent on future air conditioning costs with SMUD’s innovative Cool Roof program. Help reduce SMUD’s electricity peak demand and air conditioning energy load and mitigate the overall urban heat island effect in the Sacramento area.

The Cool Roof program provides an incentive to homeowners of 20 cents per square foot for flat roofs, and 10 cents per square foot of steep slope roofs. Contractors must install products that meet SMUD’s solar reflectivity and emissivity standards. They are: Flat roofs:

  • Reflectivity greater than 75 percent
  • Emissivity greater than 75 percent
Steep slope roofs:
  • Reflectivity greater than 40 percent
  • Emissivity greater than 75 percent

Your choices:

Cool Roofs for flat roofs come in three main types (SMUD rebate = 20¢ per sq. ft.):


Best used on existing roofs in good condition. These are applied by spraying or rolling. The most common type of cool coatings is the elastomeric coating. Here’s a list of eligible coating products.

Single-ply membranes

Pre-fabricated sheets applied in a single layer and heat-sealed for a continuous bond. A lot more expensive than cool roof coatings, but yield much better quality and better overall performance. Good for use on new roofs or on those in need of extensive repair. Here’s a list of eligible single-ply membrane applications.

Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF)

SPF coatings are lightweight, easy to apply, and provide good insulation and waterproofing. A spray gun is used to combine two separate ingredients on the site. Instantaneous chemical reaction causes the mixture to expand and create hard foam. However, the SPF requires cool roof coatings to be applied over it, in order to protect the foam against degradation. Here’s a list of eligible coating products.

Cool Roof for pitched roof (SMUD rebate = 10¢ per sq. ft.)

These products with 40% or higher initial solar reflectance are most commonly the light weight, light color roof tiles made of concrete or clay, coated metal roofs, wood cedar shakes, or a few asphalt shingle products (for example, CertainTeed -- Landmark Solaris Platinum). Here are examples of light weight (no need for roofing structural reinforcement) and light colored concrete tiles that meet the minimum program guidelines for solar reflectivity of 40 percent or more).

Bare metal roofs do not qualify for the rebate because bare metal roofs have low emissivity, meaning they retain heat. Very few asphalt shingle products for steep slope applications meet the program requirement of having at least 40% initial solar reflectivity. For example, CertainTeed has introduced an asphalt shingle product called Landmark Solaris Platinum (Sierra Buff 41%, Coastal Tan 40%, and Sante Fe 40%), and thus these asphalt shingle products qualify for SMUD rebates.

Here’s a list of eligible steep-slope tiles. And a separate list for eligible coated-metal products.

Search a list of Cool Roof products.

To qualify for SMUD rebates

Roofing products need to be listed on the EPA Energy Star® product list, and must meet SMUD’s minimum standards for solar reflectivity and thermal emittance: (a) for flat or low slope roofs the solar reflectivity must be greater than 75 percent and (b) for steep slope or pitched roofs the solar reflectivity must be greater than 40 percent. To locate the list of eligible products, please visit (Cool Roof Rating Council) and search the site under the “Rated Products Directory” for products with SMUD’s minimum standards for solar reflectivity and thermal emittance. Please make sure that contractor’s invoice and cool roof rebate application form contain information about the product installed (manufacturer’s name and product brand). Check out the Cool Roof Rating Council for details.

All residential mobile homes and single-family homes must have an electrical central air conditioning (AC) system. Wall AC units are not eligible for rebates. New construction projects are not eligible for rebates.

Complete the Cool Roof Rebate Form and provide one copy each of the product invoice and the building permit for this roofing project.

Mail all three documents to:

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Residential Cool Roof Program, MS A203
PO Box 15830
Sacramento, CA. 95852-0830

For more information call (916) 732-6484 or e-mail us.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs save you about 20 percent.

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