Learn Energy Efficiency

Learn energy efficiency

Knowledge is power. In this case, the power to save energy and money. We’ll show you how to conserve energy in your everyday lives. And how to step it up to a whole new level if you’re embarking on a home-improvement project.

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    Conservation tips

    We have all the strategies you need to reduce your energy bills yet stay comfortable year-round.

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    Energy-efficient remodeling

    If you’re thinking about a home-improvement project, we have tips that will reduce your energy bills, make your home more comfortable and help the environment.

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    Energy-efficient televisions

    Did you know that some of the largest high-definition TVs can use as much electricity as as a standard, new refrigerator? That’s up to 500 kWh or close to $50 per year at today’s rates

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    Consult our energy experts

    SMUD has experts in energy efficiency and other energy topics. They’re here to answer your questions!

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SMUD energy expert

Talk to an expert

Got questions about electricity? We have answers.

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Your home of the future

Ultra-efficient homes are here now.