Solar for Your Home

Solar power for your home

SMUD customers have three different ways to bring the power of the sun into their homes:

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    Option 1: Buy it

    If you own your home and plan to be in it for awhile, consider buying a solar rooftop system to generate all or part of your electricity. And, if your installed system generates more electricity than you consume, SMUD will purchase the excess that flows back into the electricity grid.
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    Option 2: Lease it

    Can’t afford the up-front cost to purchase a solar power system? Then consider a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). The latter is like a lease, but includes only the power cost factor, not the equipment cost.
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    Option 3: Rent it

    Enjoy the benefits of solar power without having to buy or lease it. Simply sign up for SolarShares®. For a fixed monthly price, based on your electricity usage, SolarShares will credit your monthly bill for solar power produced on a local "solar farm" in Sacramento County.
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    Shopping for a new home?

    Your best value in a new home may just be a SMUD Smart Home. Smart Homes combine money-saving energy efficiency features with a built-in rooftop solar electric system. These combine to save you up to 60 percent in yearly energy bills as compared to comparable new homes on the market. Smart Homes offer long-term comfort, savings and value.
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    Want solar for your business?

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Clean energy all around us

SMUD is taking a leadership role in developing a more sustainable future.

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Your home of the future

Ultra-efficient homes are here now.