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SMUD's Feed-In Tariff
(Applications no longer being accepted)

Under a Feed-In Tariff (FIT), utilities such as SMUD offer standard published rates and contract terms for the purchase of electricity made from renewable energy resources and combined heat-power installations. SMUD's Feed-In Tariff is for eligible renewable energy resources and qualifying combined heat and power installations up to 5 MW.

Current Queue Status
Click here for the current queue status.

Map of Projects
Click here for a map of Feed-in-Tariff projects.

Queue Applicants
In response to a number of inquiries, and for the purpose of transparency, SMUD is posting the list of applicants in the Feed-In Tariff queue. Click here for the list of FIT applicants.

SMUD's Feed-In Tariff Queue is Full

Thanks to everyone who has submitted proposals for SMUD’s Feed-In Tariff. SMUD has now received enough applications for both the “A” pool and “B” pool to fill our Feed-In Tariff queue. Applications are no longer being accepted.

In the event that an application that currently has a reserved position is dropped, the next application with an unreserved position will be given an opportunity to get the released reserved position.

If you have a project and want to submit a proposal to SMUD, you may do so as an "unsolicited offer," which is a different process than for our Feed-In Tariff. See RFO and Unsolicited Offers if you are interested in submitting an unsolicited offer.

See a SMUD Campus Map here.

Documents related to the Feed-In Tariff are as follows:

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See a list of frequently asked questions here.

SMUD Feed-In Tariff Contact Info

Phone: (916) 732-6244
Email: powercontractsadmin@smud.org

Workshop Materials from the December 9, 2009 Presentation
For your information we have posted the presentation from a December 9, 2009 workshop held on SMUD’s Feed-In Tariff. Click here to view the presentation.

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