RFO & Unsolicited Offers


RFO and Unsolicited Offers

There are two ways you can ask SMUD to purchase the output of your renewable energy project that does not qualify for the Feed-In Tariff. You may either submit a proposal to SMUD’s next Request for Offers (RFO) for Renewable Energy, or you can make an Unsolicited Offer.

Requests for Offers for Renewable Energy

Periodically SMUD issues Requests for Offers for Renewable Energy. To get on SMUD’s electronic notification list for future renewable solicitations, please register at SMUD’s Electronic Bid Solicitation System in the appropriate renewable energy categories.

Unsolicited Offers

SMUD will accept unsolicited offers for qualifying renewable energy projects. If you would like to submit to SMUD an unsolicited offer for eligible renewable energy projects please:

1. Make sure your project is an eligible renewable energy resource.
You can check the eligibility of various renewable technologies by reading the SMUD Renewable Energy Resources Eligibility Guidebook.

2. Fill out the Renewable Project Data Information document.
The Renewable Project Data Information document gives us information to evaluate your project proposal. We also have a SMUD System Map, to assist you in determining SMUD’s location relative to the bulk power system.

3. Fill out the Capacity and Energy Profile Data Sheet.

The Capacity and Energy Profile Data Sheet will give us information on how to value the power output of your project. If you have a wind or a solar project, please also provide the expected output for each hour of one calendar year (the “8,760 hour energy profile”).

4. Sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement.
If you would like SMUD to keep your project information confidential, please submit a signed Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Fill out the Acrobat form, print out, sign and date. Scan the printed and signed agreement.

5. Submit Documentation.
Submit your documentation electronically to SMUD at the following email address:powercontractsadmin@smud.org.

6. Have additional questions?
If you would like to speak with someone about making an unsolicited offer to SMUD, call SMUD’s Power Contracts Administration at (916) 732-6244.

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