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Bigger savings, same comforts

Imagine owning a beautiful home that uses one-fifth the energy used in neighboring homes - without sacrificing any creature comforts. If that sounds too good to be true, think again.

SMUD's Home of the Future (HOF) Demonstration Program is breaking new ground in the development of energy efficient, environmentally friendly homes for the Sacramento community. SMUD worked with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the nation's premier energy efficiency research organization, to develop the most energy–efficient home designs and partners with local builders and suppliers to create homes that serve as the model for an energy-efficient future.

The goal of the Home of the Future Demonstration Program is to build homes that reduce annual energy use and utility bills by 80 percent - including zero peak demand. The Program tests innovative construction techniques, such as advanced framing, and promising energy efficient technologies like mini-split heat pumps and structural insulated panels (SIPs). Lessons learned from HOF Demonstration Projects are shared with local builders and incorporated into SMUD's Smart Homes program.

The long term goal of the program is to design and build true zero energy homes - homes that produce as much energy as they use.

Example projects:

Key features of Home of the Future projects include:

  • Cost effective, energy-efficient design - Every Home of the Future integrates the most cost effective, energy-efficient technologies, including advanced framing, super-insulated walls and ceilings, and ENERGY STAR® appliances and lighting.
  • Solar power and water heating - All models of the Home of the Future have solar water heating and solar electricity. Solar panels convert sunlight to electricity to provide part of the power for the house and solar thermal systems provide hot water and space heating.
  • Whole house energy management - Home of the Future energy management systems automatically adjust heating, cooling, lighting, home office, landscape irrigation, and home entertainment systems to maximize energy efficiency and performance.
  • Increased comfort - by reducing summer solar gains, drafts, and cold walls and windows, and by using the latest in heating and cooling equipment, the Home of the Future increases comfort, regardless of time of day or season.

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