Features of a Smart Home
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Roof-Top Solar
Optional rooftop solar helps provide clean, renewable energy for your home.
Electric Vehicle Readiness
Pre-wired for electric vehicle charging. Just add a charger, plug in your electric vehicle, and you're ready to roll. Pre-wiring may not be the same with all homes, so check with your builder for exact details.
High Quality Insulation
Superior insulation expertly installed in the walls, floors, and attic will keep you cool in summer, and warm all winter long.
Smart Thermostat
Wi-Fi thermostats let you control your home's heating and cooling from anywhere.
Energy Star Appliances
When included, ENERGY STAR® appliances deliver the most for your energy dollars.
LED and CFL Lighting
With high-efficiency LED and CFL lighting throughout, you save up to 77% on lighting energy year-round.
Summer Cost-Savings
Even on the hottest days, your cooling system remains highly efficient. With a SMUD Smart Home, you use less energy during times when energy costs the most.

Today's homebuyer is looking for the perfect combination of comfort, style and affordability. SMUD Smart Homes deliver the right combination of advanced energy efficiency measures and other technologies to help lower electricity bills. These homes not only save you money each month but are also more efficient, more comfortable and can have higher resale values than comparable new homes without these features.

The partnership between SMUD and local builders begins with plan review. We inspect homes as they are constructed to make sure energy saving measures are installed correctly and your home performs as planned. From simple technology like insulation, to advanced solar generation systems (as an option), an independent inspector checks to make sure things are done right.

Typical features of SMUD Smart Homes

  • Superior installation of insulation in walls, floors and attics that keeps cool air inside in summer and warm air in winter.
  • A high-efficiency air conditioning system that remains efficient even in extreme conditions. You save even on the hottest days.
  • Energy-efficient LED and CFL lighting, providing durable, high-quality lighting in multiple spaces in your home.
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances.
  • Third-party certification and SMUD quality assurance inspections to ensure quality-built homes. You can be confident that the energy efficiency features are properly installed and operating as designed.
  • Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats that allow you to control the temperature of your home remotely while you are away.
  • Electric vehicle readiness, so that when you're ready to purchase an electric vehicle, your home will be ready, too.

Find a Smart Home community

SMUD works with innovative local builders to make these homes available in many areas and price ranges. Visit one of these Smart Home communities near you.

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