Solar System Estimator on tablet

Electric Vehicle Estimator

What is it?

Our Electric Vehicle Estimator is an online tool that helps you make informed decisions about buying an EV.

Use the EV Estimator to:

  • compare costs to buy and drive an EV versus a gas engine vehicle;
  • estimate the driving range of different EVs using electricity alone;
  • see potential environmental benefits;
  • discover rebates and tax credits.

To get started

First, log-in to My Account. You’ll be directed automatically to the estimator tool. It uses your actual electricity usage to present realistic side-by-side cost comparisons between electric vehicles and gas vehicles that you select.

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Electric vehicle charger

Drive Electric and Save

Choose between a $599 incentive or a FREE Level 2 electric vehicle charger.

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Residential Time-of-Day Rates for EV and Solar Customers

Find out how to get the best rate for charging an EV.

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Plug-In Electric Vehicle

SMUD's electric vehicle charging stations

You can charge most fast-charge EVs in less than 30 minutes at one of SMUD's charging stations.

SMUD solar parking lot
6151 S Street, just west of the SMUD Headquarters building.
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Sacramento International Airport
Free waiting area
5750 Crossfield Dr.
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Citrus Heights
7825 Lichen Dr., adjacent to Raley's grocery store.
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Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
2820 R Street, Sacramento
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Amtrak Station
401 I Street, Sacramento
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Nugget Market
7101 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove
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