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Charging a PEV

Charging stations are described as level 1, level 2, or DC Fast Charger (Direct Current Fast Charging).

Level 1

This uses ordinary household current. All electric vehicles can be charged on a standard 3-prong outlet and the charging unit that comes with your vehicle. It is the slowest charging mode for an electric vehicle.

  • Uses a standard 120V outlet
  • Takes 8 to 20 hours to fully charge a vehicle, depending on how depleted the battery is and whether it's a hybrid or fully electric vehicle
  • Typically adds 5 miles of range per hour charged
  • No set-up costs

Level 2

Consider upgrading to a level 2 charging station if your vehicle has an electric drive range of 100 miles or more, or you simply want a faster charger. Consult your dealer for advice.

To learn more about the FREE Level 2 charger offer, click here.

  • Uses a 240V circuit
  • Takes 4 to 8 hours to fully charge a vehicle, depending on how depleted the battery is and whether it's a hybrid or fully electric vehicle
  • Typically adds between 12-20 miles of range per hour charged
  • May require a panel upgrade by a qualified electrician
  • Requires EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment) and permits
  • Available at some work and public sites

DC Fast Charger

This type of charger is not practical for residential installations due to cost and electrical equipment limitations.

  • Use a 480V circuit
  • Takes 20 minutes to reach 80% charge
  • Requires a special plug receptacle on your vehicle
  • Available at some public sites

Public Charging Stations

Sacramento-Area Fast Charging Stations Coming Soon

Fast charging station map

Electric vehicle charger

Drive Electric and Save

Choose between a $599 incentive or a FREE Level 2 electric vehicle charger.

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Plug-In Electric Vehicle

SMUD's electric vehicle charging stations

You can charge most fast-charge EVs in less than 30 minutes at one of SMUD's charging stations.

SMUD solar parking lot
6151 S Street, just west of the SMUD Headquarters building.
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Sacramento International Airport
Free waiting area
5750 Crossfield Dr.
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Citrus Heights
7825 Lichen Dr., adjacent to Raley's grocery store.
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Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
2820 R Street, Sacramento
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Amtrak Station
401 I Street, Sacramento
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Nugget Market
7101 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove
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