downed power lines

Power Lines

Downed lines
If overhead power lines are downed for any reason, stay clear. Call 911 or 1-888-456-7683 for assistance. Do not touch the wires.

If the downed power lines have fallen on a motor vehicle, avoid contact with the vehicle -- it has probably been electrified and deadly shock could result if you touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time. Stay clear until you are sure the power is shut off.

Overhead lines
Avoid contacting power lines, whether directly or with another object. Don't let children play or climb on wooden utility poles, metal transmission towers or any trees that may bring them into contact with power lines.

Kites, model airplanes, fishing line and other objects can get hung up in power lines or in a tree near an overhead line. Don't try to pull it down or climb on anything to get it. Call SMUD at 1-888-742-7683 and we'll get it down for you. Learn more in our Recreation safety section.

Underground utility lines
Before you do any digging, learn the location of any underground utilities near your home. Call Underground Service Alert at 1-800-227-2600 at least two working days before digging. See our substation and underground lines section for more information.

Leave signs off poles

Nails and screws pose safety threat to our crews.

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Staying ahead of the storm

We prepare year-round for winter storms.

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