Bye-bye to paper cuts

Bye-bye to paper cuts.

Paperless billing: no stamps, no envelopes, no bandages.

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Ways to pay at a glance

Ways you can pay Benefits to you Payment options
Log-in to "My Account" Tailor your payment options and energy choices Electronic check, Visa, MasterCard (electronic check only for loan payments)
Quick pay - without log-in Great for one-time payments - including loans Electronic check, Visa, MasterCard (electronic check only for loan payments)
Online bill-pay from your bank Make payments from your checking or savings account; You pick the payment date Electronic check
Electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank Monthly payments come out of your bank account automatically on the date they're due Electronic check
By phone, through a SMUD representative For that personal touch; Get your questions answered immediately Electronic check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
By phone, using our automated voice system
*(Excludes making loan payments)
Call from anywhere, anytime Electronic check, Visa, MasterCard
By mail For those who prefer to write a check and send it in the mail Check, money order
In person at SMUD Visit us and get that friendly, personal service Check, money order, cash
At a pay station Conveniently located throughout our service area Check, money order, cash
Please note that Walmart and Kmart locations only accept cash and pin-based debit transactions.

Special payment options

Billing options