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Rates, Rules, Regulations

These links contain all rates, rules and regulations in effect on and after the date indicated for service in SMUD territory. See a general guide to our residential rates and other programs.

Service rules - by accepting service from SMUD you have agreed to our rules and regulations.

Section 1 -- Rate Schedules
Preliminary Statement Jan. 1, 2017  
R Residential Service Jul. 1, 2017 1-R-1-4
R Residential Time-of-Day Service Jul. 1, 2017 1-R-TOU-1-3
R SPO Residential Time-of-Use Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-R-SPO-1-4
GS General Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-1-4
AG Agricultural Jul. 1, 2017 1-AG-1-5
GS-TOU1 Large General Service Time-of-Use Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-TOU1-1-4
GS-TOU2 Medium General Service Time-of-Use Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-TOU2-1-5
GS-TOU3 Small General Service Time-of-Use Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-TOU3-1-4
GS General Service Campus Billing Jan. 1, 2014 1-CB-1-3
GS-TDP General Service Temperature Dependent Pricing and Economic Retention Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-TDP-1-4
SLS Street Light Service Jan. 25, 2017 1-SLS-1-3
TSS Traffic Signal Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-TSS-1
TC ILS Traffic Control -- Intersection Lighting Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-TC-ILS-1
NLGT Outdoor Lighting Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-NLGT-1-2
SB-1 Solar Surcharge Jan. 1, 2016 1-SB1-1
HGA Hydro Generation Adjustment Jan. 1, 2014 1-HGA-1-2
Distribution Wheeling Service Jul. 1, 2017 1-DWS-1-2
FIT Feed-In Tariff for Distributed Generation Jan. 1, 2014 1-FIT-1-3
CHP Combined Heat & Power Distributed Generation Jan. 1, 2017 1-CHP-1-3
NEM Net Metering for Qualifying Facilities Jan. 1, 2016 1-NEM-1-3
Residential Service Medical Equipment Discount Program Jul. 1, 2017 1-MED-1
Energy Assistance Program Jul. 1, 2017 1-EAPR-1-2
RBC Renewable Energy Bill Credit Aug. 16, 2013 1-RBC-1-3
SolarShares® Program Jan. 1, 2017 1-SS-1-2
EDR Economic Development Jan. 1, 2016 1-EDR-1-2

How to read the rate codes.

Other rate-related information

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