Special Notice: Due to technology issues, SMUD is temporarily unable to accept payments at any of the remote pay stations such as grocery or Wal-Mart stores. In-person payments can be made only at the SMUD Customer Service Center located at 6301 S Street, Sacramento.

If you made a payment at a remote pay station between Saturday, April 22 and Thursday, April 27 there may be a delay in the payment being credited to your SMUD account. Affected customers will not be assessed late penalties and no accounts will be disconnected as a result of the issue. Payments through the mail, our website or by calling SMUD are not affected. Please accept our apologies as we work around the clock to correct the issue.

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Rates, Rules, Regulations

These links contain all rates, rules and regulations in effect on and after the date indicated for service in SMUD territory. See a general guide to our residential rates and other programs.

Service rules - by accepting service from SMUD you have agreed to our rules and regulations.

Section 1 -- Rate Schedules
Preliminary Statement Jan. 1, 2017  
R Residential Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-R-1-4
R Residential Time-of-Use Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-R-TOU-1-3
R SPO Residential Time-of-Use Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-R-SPO-1-4
GS General Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-1-4
AG Agricultural Jan. 1, 2017 1-AG-1-5
GS-TOU1 Large General Service Time-of-Use Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-TOU1-1-4
GS-TOU2 Medium General Service Time-of-Use Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-TOU2-1-5
GS-TOU3 Small General Service Time-of-Use Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-TOU3-1-4
GS General Service Campus Billing Jan. 1, 2014 1-CB-1-3
GS-TDP General Service Temperature Dependent Pricing and Economic Retention Jan. 1, 2017 1-GS-TDP-1-4
SLS Street Light Service Jan. 25, 2017 1-SLS-1-3
TSS Traffic Signal Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-TSS-1
TC ILS Traffic Control -- Intersection Lighting Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-TC-ILS-1
NLGT Outdoor Lighting Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-NLGT-1-2
SB-1 Solar Surcharge Jan. 1, 2016 1-SB1-1
HGA Hydro Generation Adjustment Jan. 1, 2014 1-HGA-1-2
Distribution Wheeling Service Jan. 1, 2017 1-DWS-1-2
FIT Feed-In Tariff for Distributed Generation Jan. 1, 2014 1-FIT-1-3
CHP Combined Heat & Power Distributed Generation Jan. 1, 2017 1-CHP-1-3
NEM Net Metering for Qualifying Facilities Jan. 1, 2016 1-NEM-1-3
Residential Service Medical Equipment Discount Program Jan. 1, 2016 1-MED-1
Energy Assistance Program Jan. 1, 2017 1-EAPR-1-2
RBC Renewable Energy Bill Credit Aug. 16, 2013 1-RBC-1-3
SolarShares® Program Jan. 1, 2017 1-SS-1-2
EDR Economic Development Jan. 1, 2016 1-EDR-1-2

How to read the rate codes.

Other rate-related information

If you would like more information or have questions or comments about rates, rules, and regulations go to: pricing@smud.org.

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