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When it comes to electricity, there are two main ways you can help your community. You can help by reducing your energy consumption, particularly during the hours of peak demand during summer, when air conditioners are humming. Reducing peak demand means we won’t have to build as many power plants in the future. That’s good for our pocketbooks and our air quality. The other way you can help is more direct: You can make contributions that enable families in financial crisis to keep their lights on.

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You can help families in dire need pay their electric bills. It’s easy. You can have us add as little as $1 a month to your SMUD bill, and we will send your contribution to agencies that specialize in assisting local families.


Peak Corps

In an emergency, when power supplies are stretched nearly to the breaking point, we get help from customers who’ve volunteered for our Peak Corps program.

low-income assistance

Low-income assistance

Help for those in special circumstances.

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Helping schools and nonprofits go solar

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