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Land Use Issues

Whether you are a large developer or a homeowner who needs assistance with a SMUD-related real estate issue, we can help.

Real estate

Easements (click here)
Request information about a SMUD easement with this form.

Easement abandonments and quit claims
To request an abandonment or quit claim of a SMUD easement submit either of the forms below:

Consent to common use of transmission line right-of-way program (click here)
Request permission to develop in a SMUD electric or gas transmission easement for improvements, including landscaping, paving, fences, storage sheds, signs, etc.

Leasing, licensing and permitting of SMUD property (click here)
Request use of our lands.

Licensing of SMUD Property for Wireless Sites (click here)
Find out how to make a request to use our land or equipment for providing cellular service.

Contact us
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
(916) 732-6868

Submit forms to:
SMUD Real Estate Services
Fax: (916) 732-6008
6201 S Street, Mail Stop K222, Sacramento, CA 95817
P.O. Box 15830, Sacramento, CA 95852-0830

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