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Selling to SMUD

We work to make doing business with us as easy and fair as possible.

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Small Business Incentive Program

This program offers local small businesses incentives to participate in SMUD's competitive bid process.

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SMUD Contracting Opportunities

If you are a licensed contractor with expertise in energy efficiency upgrades, this program might be for you.

Land Use Issues

Whether you are a large developer or a homeowner who needs assistance with a SMUD-related real estate issue, we can help.

SMUD Procurement Contacts

Whether it's regarding materials, technology, procurement or something else, find the right contact for the information you need.

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Economic Development Services

The Sacramento region is a great place to do business, and we want to help your company thrive.

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Contractor registration and bid system (EBSS)

Whether you want to contract with SMUD customers or directly with SMUD, begin here.

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More for your customers

Interested in offering your customers SMUD financing and/or rebates?

Download the Residential Equipment Efficiency Program Contractor Financing Application.