Success Stories

Get ideas on saving energy from other SMUD business customers who used our staff, programs or rebates. These customers shared their experiences in short videos that we produced to help businesses like yours.

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KP Market

KP Market

Learn how KP International Market in Rancho Cordova cut their energy costs in half by upgrading their lighting.

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NorCal Healthworks

NorCal Healthworks

NorCal Healthworks saves 88% on lighting costs by tapping into SMUD's energy efficiency programs.

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Surf Xtreme

Surf Xtreme

Kathi Tovar lights up her extreme sports facility with LEDS. Her lighting energy costs have dropped 84% since she made the switch.

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Hot Italian restaurant


HOT ITALIAN uses 25-30% less electricity than other restaurants the same size, because of installing LED lights, a cool roof, Energy Star equipment, high efficiency HVAC, solar hot water and more.

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Dr. Andrea Joy Smith

Dr. Andrea Joy Smith

Learn how a local Carmichael dentist, Dr. Andrea Joy Smith, reduced her monthly electric bill 20-25% by switching from T12 to T8 lights.

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Maydestone project


Built in 1910, the Maydestone building was a perfect candidate for the Savings by Design program. SMUD worked with D&S Development to model energy efficiency measures to update the building without compromising it's historic look and value.

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Lighting project at Fry's Electronics

Fry's lightens energy load

Advice and rebates from SMUD on a lighting project helped Fry's in Sacramento save $143,000 a year on its electricity bill. The store replaced 617 metal halide lights with 315 metal halide lights that use less energy, but produces more light.

Valley Hi North Laguna Library

Valley Hi/North Laguna Library turns a new page on saving energy

Energy efficiency got in on the ground floor when the Valley Hi/North Laguna Library took shape with help from SMUD's Savings by Design program. The city of Sacramento and Sacramento Public Library Authority expect $5,000 a year in energy savings.

George Sim Community Center

Sim Community Center in Sacramento

The city of Sacramento's George Sim Community Center added 31,000 square feet of energy-efficient space for estimated electricity bill savings of more than $14,000 a year.

Sacramento Sanitation

Sac sewer and sanitation flush with cash from energy savings

Your local sanitation district worked closely with our Savings by Design program, receiving over $350,000 in rebates and incentives from SMUD on a new headquarters and warehouse. Plus, yearly savings add up to about $80,000.

Jackson Properties

Savings by Design saves money and energy

SMUD's Savings by Design Program helped Jackson Properties save $35,000 to $40,000 a year on energy costs with construction of a highly efficient office building in the Mather Business Park.

Marriott Rancho Cordova

Marriott Rancho Cordova cuts energy usage

The Marriott Rancho Cordova implemented many energy-saving measures with SMUD's help, with special attention to timing of energy use, LED lighting and kitchen equipment.

Jackson Laboratories

Jackson Laboratory renovates old building

SMUD helped Jackson Laboratory turn an old warehouse in Sacramento into an energy-efficient site for its West Coast office and laboratory suites.

Sacramento City Schools

Sac city school district saves with software

The Sacramento City Unified School District saved money by installing PC management software that decreased electricity usage and qualified for a rebate from SMUD.

Hines Property Management

Hines Property Management cools down HVAC costs

Variable frequency drives placed on HVAC units at several of its buildings in Sacramento decreased energy costs for Hines Property Management. A rebate from SMUD helped pay for the project.

Savings By Design

About the Savings by Design Program

Here's a video about the Savings by Design Program and a couple of customers who were helped by it.

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How do you use energy?

Find out where you use the most, and start saving.

Powering small business

Powering small business

SMUD's energy efficiency programs are helping local businesses grow.