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Express Energy Solutions

With Express Energy Solutions, the approach is "do-it-yourself. You arrange for and coordinate the installation of the energy efficiency measures.

Program rebates are offered to commercial, industrial and agricultural customers for a wide variety of energy efficiency measures. You or your contractor scope out your project, fill out the program application online, and install the measures for:

  • Lighting;
  • Heating and cooling;
  • Food service;
  • PC power management,
  • and much more

The process is simple:

  1. Identify the measures you are interested in. See what measures we rebate from the list below.
  2. Arrange for a pre-inspection with SMUD for Heating and Cooling, and lighting projects.
  3. Install the measures on your own or with a contractor of your choice.
  4. When the work is completed, fill out the Express Energy Solutions application to determine the amount you will be rebated.
  5. A check will be mailed to you within 30 days of the completion of your project.

Express Energy Solutions offers a wide variety of rebates for various measures. All applications have a $150,000 project cap per metered account.

Lighting Linear Fluorescents, CFL, LED, TLED, Hi Bay, Exit Signs, Exterior Lighting, Lighting Controls, Refrigeration Case Lighting, and more.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting—high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, and metal halide—have a 175 fixture limit.

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Programmable Thermostats, Split and Package Units, PTACs, Window Film, and more.

Some heating and cooling systems require a pre-inspection:

  • All functioning unit replacements
  • Functioning and non-functioning units that are 25 tons or larger

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Food Service Oven, Fryer, Griddle, Steamer, and Insulated Holding Cabinet Replacement.
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Refrigeration Anti-Sweat Heater Controls, Evaporator Fan ECM for Display Case Cooler/Freezer/Walk-in, Evaporator Fan Controls, Auto Door Closers, Night Covers, Strip Curtains, and Vending Machine Controllers.
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Motors Standard Efficiency to Premium Efficiency Electric Motor Replacement.
Other Management Software and plug-load strips.

SMUD reserves the right to change the rebate levels and add or remove measures from the program at any time.

Who is eligible?
If you are a SMUD customer with commercial electric service, you can take advantage of Express Energy Solutions. Your billing rate must be a commercial rate. If your facility is on a SMUD residential rate, you are eligible to participate in our residential efficiency programs.

There is a cap on the amount of rebates awarded. Rebates are paid on a first come, first served basis and the program will end when all available funds are committed.

Keep in mind that the applications are account specific. If you have more than one account, and are conducting projects for different accounts, you must fill out an application for each account.

You will be asked to provide your receipts and equipment documentation when you fill out your application.

Contact information
Contact Terry Palacios, Express Energy Solutions Program Manager, at or 916-732-5095 for more information.

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