Parking lot with solar

Putting the sun to work for our community.

Your help can bring solar power to schools and nonprofits.

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Solar for your business

SMUD customers have three different ways to harness the power of the sun for their businesses:

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Option 1: Buy it

SMUD offers two types of financial incentives for business customers to install solar electric systems. One is based on the system's expected performance, and is a one-time upfront buy-down. The other is based on the actual electricity produced over the first five years.

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Option 2: Lease it

Can’t afford the up-front cost to purchase a solar power system? Then consider a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). The latter is like a lease, but includes only the power cost factor, not the equipment cost.

Leading the way

Powering a cleaner environment with renewable energy.

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Solar stabilizes costs

Solar power yields stable costs, environmental benefits.

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