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Power Quality

When you are running electric equipment for your business, reliability’s the name of the game. At SMUD, our aim is to keep you in the game with smooth-flowing power you can depend on when you flip the switch.

We do our part by taking steps year-round to lessen potential risks to power reliability – things like removing sagging tree limbs and replacing aging power poles. By doing constant maintenance on our system, we minimize the risks of down time from storms and other occurrences.

You can do your part by keeping equipment and facilities in proper working order and monitoring their use. Bad wiring, overloads, and big load shifts can lead to power spikes and blackouts. Radio frequency interference, electrostatic discharges, and variations in temperature and humidity can also be factors.

Let us help. Our experts will walk your facility with you to help spot potential problems and recommend cost-effective solutions. They’ll even ballpark the cost for you and point you toward some reliable vendors.

To find out more, give us a call at 916-732-6337 (press 2, then 3, to report power quality problems).

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