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Design & Construction Services: New SMUD Construction Required

  • Step 1: Prepare for your project

    The downtown commercial process is similar to the SMUD new construction process but has slight nuances due to the uniqueness of the City, its planning and growth policies and the SMUD electrical systems that provide electrical service to the downtown Sacramento area.

    SMUD and the City of Sacramento are committed to helping developers, owners, engineers, contractors and others understand the process, requirements and electrical planning considerations when developing properties within downtown Sacramento.

    The link below provides a starting point in the project planning and addresses the placement of electrical distribution equipment, approximate space requirements, and other project-specific considerations when developing downtown.

    The following information explains the process to connect to SMUD's electrical system along with the common requirements for projects requiring SMUD construction.

    You'll find more information to help with the construction process by following the links below:

  • Step 2: Meet with SMUD and the City prior to filing development applications

    Each project is different and can present challenges depending on equipment placement, size, location, timing and other unique challenges. Contact SMUD or the City at the locations and numbers listed as early as possible and before filing your development applications. Help will be provided at no cost as SMUD and City representatives are ready to meet with you to review requirements and help you navigate the approval process to ensure the success of your project.

    Design & Construction Services: 916-732-5700

    City of Sacramento
    Planning/Entitlement Phase:
    Building Permit Phase:
    City operator: 311 (if calling within the city limits)
    or 916-264-5011

  • Step 3: Start the application process with the city

    After having met with the City and SMUD prior to filing your development application you should have a good idea of what the City and SMUD will require. When you're ready, you'll need to submit your project plans to City Planning and obtain a "plan check" number before submitting your project application to SMUD.

    Click the link below for more information about the City of Sacramento requirements.

  • Step 4: Submit your SMUD application and fees

    Submit your application, required documents and fees to SMUD. There are three ways to submit your application:

    Online by clicking the button below:
    Submit an online application

    In person:
    SMUD East Campus -- Operations Center
    4401 Bradshaw Road
    Sacramento, CA 95827

    By mail:
    Design & Construction Services
    P.O. Box 15830, MS EA-105
    Sacramento, CA 95852-0830

  • Step 5: SMUD assigns an engineering designer to your project

    Once SMUD receives your application and fees, we'll assign a SMUD engineering designer, typically within five business days to be your single point of contact for your project.

    Our engineering designer will address your project's electrical requirements and schedule to help make sure we meet your needs.

  • Step 6: Requirements for developer installed civil improvements

    In many cases, you'll need to complete civil improvements before SMUD can begin construction of your project. This could include things such as trenching, installing conduit, duct systems, boxes, pads and possibly vaults for SMUD's electrical cable and equipment to serve your project.

    When civil improvements are required, your SMUD engineering designer will provide you with a Commitment Package that explains the requirements, process steps and your responsibilities. For most jobs you'll receive your commitment package within 60 days or less although due to the uniqueness of some areas and systems downtown the process could take longer.

    It should also be noted that when vaults or building alcoves are required, SMUD requires the developer to design those vaults and/or alcoves to SMUD's specifications which then requires SMUD approval of the design prior to beginning construction of the vault or alcove. This requirement and approval process many times tends to cause scheduling and construction delays for projects and should be noted as such. Therefore it is prudent to begin these designs and seek approval from SMUD as early as possible after receiving your commitment package.

  • Step 7: Developer's construction of civil improvements

    Your Commitment Package will include information about how to schedule a pre-construction meeting with a SMUD inspector. In the downtown area it should be noted that you may be working with a SMUD electrical inspector as well as a SMUD civil inspector if vault, alcove and duct systems are involved.

    SMUD's inspector(s) will provide direction for your installation of the SMUD required civil improvements, which you can begin after the pre-construction meeting, with City approval.

  • Step 8: Return required application documents to SMUD

    Your engineering designer will tell you what documents you'll need to complete and/or return before SMUD can begin construction of your project.

    These can include SMUD's conveyance agreement, copies of your property grant deed or building permits, grant easement, etc. To avoid project delays, please return all required documents as soon as possible.

  • Step 9: SMUD completes final job package

    Your SMUD engineering designer will complete the final job design and determine the cost of the work. The final job design will be used by SMUD construction crews to complete our part of the job.

  • Step 10: Contract and payment letter

    When required, you'll receive a project quote and contract letter from SMUD. It'll include instructions for approving the contract and making payment.

  • Step 11: SMUD schedules construction of your project

    We'll schedule construction of your project after we receive your approved contract letter (when required) and any required fees, and after any other holds have been removed from the project. At that time you'll receive an email from your engineering designer that the job is progressing to construction.

  • Step 12: SMUD's construction work is performed

    Our construction team will install SMUD's electric facilities and equipment specified in the final job design. This includes all equipment except the meter(s), which will be installed after the panel is inspected by the City.

  • Step 13: Customer seeks City inspection approval

    You'll need to contact the City and arrange for your electrical panel to be inspected. The City typically notifies SMUD of their approval one business day after they approve the work.

  • Step 14: SMUD's completes meter and service work and energizes service

    A SMUD service crew and/or meter technician will install the new meter(s), connect the customer installed service wire, and energize your service once we receive inspection approval from the City. This is typically done within seven business days of the meter panel inspection approval.