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Design & Construction Services: Local Agency ABC Process

  • Step 1: Prepare for your project

    This slideshow explains the process to submit local agency projects to SMUD which may require the relocation of existing SMUD facilities, e.g. - road widening's, water / sewer improvements / extensions, etc.

    You can submit your project for relocations of SMUD facilities at any time by clicking the link below. You'll find more information to help with the construction process by following the following links:

  • Step 2: Submit your project's "A Plans"

    The first step in this process is to submit your projects "A" plans detailing the entire project boundary and scope of work required (see a sample). There are three ways to submit your project and "A" letter:

    Submit your project

    In person:
    SMUD East Campus - Operations Center
    4401 Bradshaw Road
    Sacramento, CA 95827

    By mail:
    Design & Construction Services
    P.O. Box 15830, MS EA-105
    Sacramento, CA 95852-0830

  • Step 3: SMUD provides initial response

    SMUD will provide an initial response to your submittal by providing SMUD Plant Records Maps of the area identified where the work is to take place.

    These maps can be utilized by you to determine whether conflicts exist or not within your project boundary.

  • Step 4: Local Agency develops minimum 65% Construction Plans

    The local agency develops minimum 65% construction plans which are to be submitted to SMUD.

    Plans submitted to SMUD must show the following:

    • All SMUD facility conflicts as determined by the local agency.

    • Potholing data which shows conflicts with existing SMUD underground facilities.

  • Step 5: SMUD validates conflicts

    SMUD reviews plans to determine if SMUD facilities are in conflict with Local Agency proposed work. If no conflicts exist, SMUD will notify you of such and the process will end.

    If conflicts are identified, SMUD will assign the project to an engineering designer typically within 5 business days to develop SMUD construction plans to relocate its facilities.

    • The assigned engineering designer will be your single point of contact for your project to address your project's requirements to meet your needs.

    • SMUD will notify you of the engineering designer assigned, preliminary schedules for design and construction, and any fees required to locate SMUD's facilities.

  • Step 6: SMUD completes final job design

    Your SMUD engineering designer will complete the final job design and determine any cost if applicable for the SMUD relocation work.

    This final job design will be used by SMUD construction crews to perform SMUD's required work.

  • Step 7: Local Agency develops and submits 100% Construction Plans

    Upon submittal of 100% signed and approved "C" plans, SMUD will review the C plans against SMUD's design package to ensure no change in B plan submittals and project scope. If no scope changes exist, SMUD will notify you of such and the process will proceed as detailed below.

    If scope changes are identified, SMUD will contact you to determine whether the local agency will revise its C plans to match SMUD's construction plans or whether SMUD will revise its construction plans to match the local agency's C plans.

    • Please Note: Revisions to SMUD's construction plans may cause delays in relocating SMUD facilities and to your project.

  • Step 8: Contract and payment letter

    When required, you'll receive a project quote and contract letter from SMUD. It'll include instructions for approving the contract and making a payment.

  • Step 9: SMUD schedules construction of your project

    We'll schedule construction of your project after we receive your approved contract letter (when required) and any required fees, and after any other holds have been removed from the project.

    At that time you'll receive an email from your engineering designer that the job is progressing to construction.

  • Step 10: SMUD's construction work is performed

    Our construction team will relocate SMUD's electric facilities and equipment specified in SMUD's final job design and the job will be closed out.