Media Resources - Interviews on energy topics

employee SMUD has a worldwide reputation for its expertise on many topics related to power generation, municipal utilities and the energy markets.

Our media staff can provide you with experts to interview on many topics:

  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • The operation of hydrogeneration plants
  • The operation of co-generation facilities in manufacturing settings
  • The operation of wind-powered generators
  • The decommissioning of nuclear power plants
  • Advanced technologies that include geothermal heat pumps, light-emitting diode signage, efficient building-shell techniques and microturbines
  • Photovoltaic power generation
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Residential and commercial energy conservation

In addition, SMUD has a library of images and video clips that may help you in the production of your story. Tell us your needs and we will do our best to help. Contact us for more information.

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  • SMUD is nationally recognized as a leader in renewable resources and electric transportation.

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