Northern California Solar Regatta

solar race boat

Northern California Solar Regatta

This event is open to all middle schools, high schools, and universities from Fresno to the northern California border. Participation promotes teamwork, competition and discovery at SMUD's Rancho Seco Recreational Area.

We are proud to sponsor this fun and educational event. SMUD will loan the solar panels and will help organize the teams. Students can either retrofit existing boats or build their own design from scratch. The boats will be judged for speed, distance, maneuverability and more.

Next event date
The dates for the 2015 Solar Regatta will be May 8 and 9. Applications in each category, High School/Middle School and College/University, will be available in the future .

2014 Northern California Solar Regatta Winners

High School and Middle Schools:
  • REGATTA CUP: Laguna Creek #6
  • Best Video (Middle School): Evergreen #4
  • Best Video (High School): Laguna Creek #7
  • Best Presentation: Folsom HS #15
  • Best Design - Artistic: Folsom #14
  • Best Design - Technical: School of Engineering and Sciences #9
  • Best Boat Design: Leonardo DaVinci #8
  • Best Drive Train: Ceres #16
  • Best Middle School: Evergreen #4
  • Sustainability: Folsom #12
  • Endurance Course: Laguna Creek #7
  • Slalom Course: Laguna Creek #6
  • Sprint Course: Laguna Creek #6
  • Judges' Award: Boy Scouts of America
Colleges and Universities:
  • REGATTA CUP:Sierra College #1
  • Best Video: Sierra College #1
  • Best Presentation: Sierra College #1
  • Best Design - Artistic: CSU Sacramento #9
  • Best Design - Technical: Sierra College #1
  • Best Boat Design: Laguna Creek #3
  • Sustainability: Santa Rosa #6
  • Endurance Course: Sierra College #2
  • Slalom Course: CSU Sacramento #9
  • Sprint Course: Delta College #7
  • Judges' Award: Skyline College

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Energy & Technology Center

Brent Sloan
Community Solar


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2015 Solar Regatta

Click the link below to download information on our 4th Annual Northern California Solar Regatta in 2015.

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Solar Regatta in Action

Video: See how much fun the participants of the Northern California Solar Regatta had at the 2014 Solar Regatta!

Slideshow: See a slideshow of the 2014 Solar Regatta.

Video: See how much fun the participants of the Northern California Solar Regatta have in one day!