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SMUD Community Solar®

Powering our community with renewable energy.

SMUD’s Community Solar program is a partnership between SMUD, you, and our community.  Working together, we’re able to look for opportunities to use solar power to educate our community about the importance of renewable energy to our lives and our environment.  Through support of generous SMUD customers, we’ve developed partnerships with local schools, non-profit organizations and low-income housing organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

We encourage you to learn more about SMUD's ongoing community solar projects:

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Ongoing community partnerships include:

  • Schools: The Community Solar program works with local school districts to develop teaching guides and curriculum to promote realistic hands-on energy education. Most recently, we unveiled the nation’s first interactive Solar SunflowerTM at the School of Engineering and Sciences in Sacramento. The SunFlower serves as an interactive learning laboratory and helps promote a new way of learning math and science.  Students will learn how to harness the sun’s energy and help educate families and future generations on the value of alternative energy resources. We will continue to partner with more schools in the Sacramento area to provide this amazing learning opportunity.
  • Non-profit organizations: Powering your organization with solar power lowers your electric bill, leaving you with more money to deliver needed services. We continue to reach out to qualified organizations to assist with installing rooftop systems.
  • Low-income housing: Homes built through organizations like Habitat for Humanity now feature rooftop solar systems, courtesy of Community Solar support from customers like you. Homeowners and volunteers are given the knowledge and job training to install solar panels and the homeowners' electricity bills are kept low.

A sample of our Community Solar installations:

  • American River College Lab
  • American River Parkway Foundation
  • Antelope Crossing Middle School
  • Cosumnes River College Lab
  • Effie Yeaw Nature Center
  • Francis House
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • IBEW Training Center
  • Orangevale Community Center
  • Roberts Family Development Center
  • Sacramento Children's Museum
  • Sacramento SPCA
  • Sacramento Zoo
  • Safetyville
  • School of Engineering and Sciences – the nation's first interactive Solar SunflowerTM
  • Sierra 2 Center

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SunFlower solar array

SMUD teamed up with Sacramento City USD to help educate students about solar power.

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Northern California Solar Regatta

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