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Chevy Volt with SMUD brand

Clean Air Policy

In 1990 the SMUD Board of Directors adopted a "Clean Air Policy". That action prompted SMUD to add electric vehicles to its fleet. Federal funds established a joint- program between SMUD and the Sacramento Air Logistics Center at McClellan Air Force Base to research and develop electric vehicle technologies.

Since then, SMUD has been working with electric vehicle manufacturers to make EVs available to consumers and fleet users.

Starting in 1993, SMUD has collaborated with several different funding agencies and vehicle manufacturers to conduct electric vehicle research and development projects. These projects include the development of electric vehicle components, vehicles and systems.

Current projects

SMUD will receive 12 of the highly touted plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) beginning early in 2011. The District will put the Volts into its fleet, testing the effect the vehicles will have on electricity demand. Volts are among a new generation of electric vehicles that are powered primarily by battery, but has a small gasoline engine to recharge its batteries while driving.

Together with the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission, SMUD will lease and test 29 Volts in the region. SMUD will operate 12 of the vehicles, while its partners - the City of Sacramento, U.C. Davis, Sacramento State University and the Los Rios Community College District - will divide the remaining 17. SMUD will lease its Volts for a two-year period, and use them to help measure power demand, test different charging technologies. This will help SMUD to support its customers who choose to buy or lease plug-in electric vehicles of their own.

Streamlining the process

As part of the program, SMUD will also work with the local regulators to streamline the permit processes to install charging equipment. The goal is to standardize the requirements for PEVs similar to what SMUD was able to do for the solar program.

More information

Contact SMUD Customer Service:
1-888-742-SMUD (7683)

For a program specialist, please contact:

PEV Team
Mailstop A204
P.O. Box 15830
Sacramento, CA 95852-0830


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