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For more than six decades, we have delivered on a fundamental promise: to provide you with reliable electricity at affordable rates.

With eyes on the future, we are taking steps to curtail our reliance on carbon-based fuels and meet ambitious goals set by your elected Board of Directors and state lawmakers to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

One important way we do this is through technology that will put you in greater control of your energy choices. Imagine a future where your thermostats, appliances and electronic devices communicate with your electric meter to operate at peak efficiency, or where you can view your energy usage on your laptop, smart pad or smart phone at any time, from anywhere.

A big first step toward that future is the installation of 600,000 smart meters at customer locations across our entire service area. Those will be connected to other leading technologies to create what is being called a "smart grid."

The smart grid has potential to transform how you use energy and also how we serve your energy needs, allowing for a much more interactive customer experience than was ever possible.

Energy is vital to our lives. And, as our energy future unfolds, you can trust SMUD to help you make smart choices.

2013 Annual Report

2013 SMUD Annual Report

SMUD's annual report includes financial statements and provides examples of the values that have guided us through over 65 years of service to the Sacramento region.

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Smart grid creates energy choices

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