Executive Management

SMUD executives

  • Arlen Orchard, general manager & chief executive officer
  • Paul Lau, assistant general manager, power supply and grid operations
  • Jim Tracy, chief financial officer
  • Frankie McDermott, chief customer officer
  • Gary King, chief workforce and technology officer
  • Michael Gianunzio, chief legislative and regulatory officer

SMUD departments by function

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Financial operations
Resource Planning and Pricing

Power Supply and Grid Operations
Grid Planning and Operations
Power Generation
Energy Research and Development
Grid Assets
Smart Grid

Information Technology
General Services
Workforce Health and Safety
Human Resources
Office of Inclusion

Customer and Community Services
Customer Services
Marketing, Research and Communications
Strategic Local Government, Business Development
Community Relations

Legislative and Regulatory
Environmental Regulation
State and Federal Government

General Counsel


SMUD departments alphabetically

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Community Relations
Customer Services
Energy Research and Development
Environmental Management
General Services
Grid Assets
Grid Planning and Operations
Human Resources
Information Technology
Marketing, Research and Communications
Power Generation
Resource Planning and Pricing
Smart Grid
State and Federal Government
Strategic Government, Business Development
Workforce Health and Safety

Contact information for Accounting:

The Accounting Department is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a system of accounting policies, records, and controls, which enables SMUD to produce timely and accurate financial statements and reporting.

916-732-6957       Sandra Moorman


Contact information for Resource Planning and Pricing:

Resource Planning prepares SMUD's resource plan and plan updates that include targets for system demand (required load serving capability), system energy sales, renewable energy and greenhouse gasses. Pricing develops and designs retail prices for SMUD's nearly 600,000 customers.

916-732-6872       Scott Martin


Contact information for Grid Planning and Operations:

The Grid Planning and Operations (GP&O) segment consists of the assets which remotely control/monitor fuel to generation sources and operate, manage and deliver generated electrical energy to SMUD’s Distribution System. In addition, GP&O operates the Balancing Authority that includes transmission/generation facilities for WAPA, USBR, City of Roseville, City of Redding, Modesto Irrigation District, and 500kV COTP, which stretches SMUD’s operational control from the California-Oregon border to south of Modesto.

916-732-5727       Vicken Kasarjian


Contact information for Power Generation:

The Power Generation group provides operation and maintenance for SMUD assets that generate electrical power from a diverse mix of resources including hydro, thermal, wind and solar.

916-732-6174       Scott Flake


Contact information for Energy Research and Development:

The Research and Development segment is responsible for researching new and emerging technologies, developing demonstration projects and assisting with implementing new technologies into various SMUD program offerings.

916-732-5483       Vicky Zavattero


Contact information for Grid Assets:

Grid Assets is responsible for delivering energy to SMUD's retail customers, operating the distribution system, including emergency response; designing and constructing new services, and designing, constructing, modifying and maintaining SMUD's transmission and distribution systems.

916-732-6754       Mike Wirsch


Contact information for Information Technology:

Improving business processes, employee performance, and customer relationships by creating responsive, cost effective, and reliable information technology solutions.

916-732-6452       Kevin Sherlin


Contact information for Customer Services:

This group delivers first-class service to our customers and empowers them with solutions and options to increase energy efficiency, protect the environment, reduce global warming and lower the cost to serve our region.

916-732-5981       Nicole Howard


Contact information for Smart Grid:

This group helps SMUD into the energy future, starting with smart meters, linking all aspects of electricity delivery and consumption with two-way wireless communications, connecting our customers and SMUD.

916-732-5483       Vicky Zavattero


Contact information for General Services:

General Services is a multifunctional organization supporting the needs of SMUD operating units. It builds and maintains SMUD facilities and its fleet, maintain SMUD's inventory and warehouse systems, delivers the mail and provides repro and printing services, and operates the SMUD supply chain, which buys material and equipment for use in SMUD operations.

916-732-6375       Greg "Augie" Augst


Contact information for Workforce Health and Safety:

Health and Safety Services provides customers and employees with responsible health and safety guidance and service, and promotes strategic directives and initiatives.

916-732-6940       Angie Robinson


Contact information for Human Resources:

Human Resource responsibilities include compensation and selection, labor relations, fair employment and payroll and benefits.

916-732-6018       Philip Leung


Contact information for Office of Inclusion:

Inclusion is a core value of SMUD. The Office of Inclusion was established in 2004 to help foster a workplace where all employees are valued, respected and engaged. We see diversity and inclusion as an integral part of who we are, how we operate and the kind of organization we will be into the future.

916-732-6887      David Davis


Contact information for Marketing, Research and Corporate Communications:

The Marketing department promotes SMUD programs and is responsible for developing and upholding the SMUD brand. Research develops information that helps SMUD decision-makers. Corporate Communications helps SMUD get its messages to employees and the world.

916-732-6478       Farres Everly


Contact information for Strategic Local Government, New Business & Economic Development:

This work helps SMUD set a course for its dealings with government and business.

916-732-6290       Greg Hribar


Contact information for Community Relations:

This group reaches out to our diverse customer base at the grassroots level and makes sure SMUD remains a part of the community.

916-732-6476       Erica Manuel


Contact information for Environmental Management:

This group handles a range of responsibilities, including regulatory compliance, environmental permitting, compliance tracking waste management, recycling, and minimization, and natural resource management.

916-732-6327       Patrick Durham


Contact information for the State and Federal Government group:

This group manages and monitors legislation having potential impacts on SMUD. It also advocates SMUD's positions and strategies.

916-732-6860       Brenda Fotos, state legislation, Brenda.Fotos@smud.org

916-732-6130       Larry Luong, federal legislation, Lawrence.Luong@smud.org

916-732-5038       Tim Tutt, state regulatory, Timothy.Tutt@smud.org

Contact information for Treasury:

The Treasury group is responsible for SMUD's cash management, debt management and insurance activities.

916-732-6158       Eileen Steward, Treasury Office Tech