Board Community Award winners

Community energy awards

Each year we honor seven commercial customers who go the extra mile to cut their energy use. They are prime examples of how a commitment to energy efficiency can save money while helping the environment. A customer in each ward is chosen for the honor, which is presented to them by their Board member.

The 2012 winners are:

Ward 1, San Juan Unified School District

Since 2010, SJUSD has completed energy-efficient retrofits at 20 of its 70 school sites. These include a mix of energy-efficient air conditioning systems, improved T-8 fluorescent lighting systems, and energy-efficient cooking equipment. The school district reduced its energy consumption by over 325,000 kWh, resulting in an annual cost savings of nearly $40,000. In 2011, San Juan Unified School District continued energy efficiency improvements by installing power management software on nearly 10,000 of its computers and made lighting and HVAC improvements at 14 school sites, reducing its energy consumption by more than 1.7 million kWh, and saving nearly $200,000 annually.

Ward 2, Cardinal CG.

Cardinal CG worked with SMUD to upgrade equipment critical to Cardinal CG’s glass-making operations. Cardinal CG added variable speed drives to its tempering line blowers and replaced 78 energy-hungry thermal-diffusion vacuum pumps on its glass coating line with efficient turbo-molecular pumps. To improve light quality and reduce energy consumption, production floor lighting was also upgraded from metal-halide to high-performance fluorescent.More than one megawatt of peak demand was offset by the projects.

Ward 3, County of Sacramento Department of Transportation

SACDOT used federal grant money to replace 1,500 older mercury vapor and high pressure sodium street light fixtures with modern, energy-efficient LED street light fixtures in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County. Annual energy savings are estimated to be more than 907,000 kWh, which will help reduce SACDOT’s electricity bill by about $62,000 each year.

Ward 4, Verizon Data Services, Inc.

Verizon Data Services participated in Savings by Design for its new data center energy plant. Its energy efficiency measures included variable speed chillers, oversized cooling towers and premium motors and pumps that exceed industry standards, saving an estimated 1 million kWh annually. The replacement of older inefficient chillers with new variable drive technology chillers saves about 800,000 kWh per year. Also, a state-of-the-art Vigilent energy management and control system was installed to enable precise optimization of the air distribution system. The system, along with cold aisle containment and electrically commutated fans, has saved an additional 5.5 million kWh annually.

Ward 5, City of Sacramento

The city participated in SMUD's commercial energy programs to replace all metal-halide and high-pressure sodium vapor lighting fixtures in its parking garages with more energy-efficient LED fixtures. The city also installed variable speed drives in the swimming pools pumps and climate control system at the Sam Pannell Community Center and additional variable speed drives at the Central Library. As a result, the city will reduce its annual energy consumption by nearly 470 kilowatts and 4 million kilowatt-hours (kWh), resulting in an annual cost savings of nearly $480,000.

Ward 6, Center for Analytical Chemistry

The Center for Analytical Chemistry was recognized for multiple accomplishments, including a complete lighting retrofit that results in an annual energy savings of 59,000 kWh and an annual demand savings of 16 kW; replacement of an old chiller with a more efficient unit that results in 63,000 kWh and 57 kW each year which is equivalent to $10,000 in energy cost savings; enrollment in SMUD’s renewable energy program, Greenergy to support 37 percent of its annual energy needs with renewable power; and enrollment in SMUD’s Voluntary Emergency Curtailment Program.

Ward 7, McClellan Park

McClellan Park participated in SMUD’s Large & Small Lighting Retrofit and Savings by Design programs at three facilities. The retrofit and Savings by Design projects will save an estimated 287 kW and nearly 900,000 kWh. The environmental impact of these savings is a reduction in carbon emissions of 933,000 pounds, the equivalent of removing approximately 80 cars from the road.

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