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Get instant rebates on the best energy products at SMUD Energy Store.

Nest thermostat

Smart thermostats

$50 instant rebate on all ENERGY STAR® smart thermostats

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How to get your rebate

To receive your instant rebate at SMUD Energy Store, simply sign in with your My Account login information or use the address listed on your SMUD account.


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Get a $250 instant rebate on a variable-speed pool pump at any Sacramento Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies,  All Clear Pool & Spa or Mahalo Pool & Spa Supply.

Pool Pump

Variable-speed pool pump

$250 instant rebate

How to get your rebate

  1. Shop for your ENERGY STAR® variable-speed pool pump at one of the participating stores.
  2. Provide your SMUD residential service address.
  3. Have the pool pump installed professionally by the store technician. Or, if you’re planning to work with a contractor, check out our participating contractor list.
  4. Receive your $250 instant rebate at time of installation.