Multi-family rebates

Multi-family property owners may qualify for SMUD’s Express Energy Solutions (EES) rebates if the property has three or more units.

Multi-family property owners can use these EES rebates to install qualified products in existing apartment or condominium units, and in the common areas of apartments, condominiums and mobile home parks. For a full listing of measures, performance requirements, and, eligibility rules, see our EES Procedures Manual.

EES rebates are flat prescriptive amounts paid according to each unit of qualifying equipment installed, and are aggregated into a single rebate check per project, subject to a project rebate cap. If you are ready to begin the application process, go to our Tips to speed your application.

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Energy saving practices for multi-housing residents

The following list is a sampling of some easy cost-saving practices which multi-family housing residents can use to reduce energy use in their apartment - click here.