Shade tree choices: Hedge Maple

Hedge Maple
Hedge Maple
Hedge Maple leaves
Fall Color
Hedge Maple fall color


Common name: Hedge Maple

Botanical name: Acer campestre

Flowers: N/A

Fall color: Various

Soil moisture: Moist soil, well drained

Growth rate: Moderate/Fast


Minimum Planting Distances
from SMUD pad mounted equipment (such as a transformer mounted on a concrete pad): 8 feet
from a building foundation: 15 feet
from walks and driveways: 6 feet
from an air conditioner: 6 feet
from a fence: 6 feet
from a utility offset (such as an underground line, pipe or cable): 6 feet
from a utility overhead (such as an overhead power line): 20 feet
from a swimming pool: 12 feet
from a septic system: 25 feet
between trees*: 18 feet
* To calculate the planting distance between different size trees, add the distances between each species in the column and divide answer in half.
Example: the distance between a Red Maple (large tree) and Amur Maple (small tree) is calculated: 25 feet + 15 feet = 40 feet รท 2 = 20 feet. The distance between these two different size trees should be 20 feet.