As part of the effort to accelerate clean transportation alternatives, BMW is offering eligible Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) customers an incentive of $10,000 off the best negotiated price on the purchase of a new BMW i3 or BMW i3s BEV (all electric) or REx (electric with range extender).

SMUD BMW i3 Purchase Incentive
$10,000 BMW i3 Purchase Incentive is available for SMUD  customers on the purchase of a new BMW i3 or BMW i3s. SMUD customers have to provide their own source of funding or finance through BMW Financial Services NA, LLC. Cannot be combined with other offers. Specific vehicles are subject to availability and may have to be ordered. Visit your authorized BMW center for important details. Offer valid through July 31.


How are these purchase incentives funded?

The purchase incentive is funded entirely through BMW of North America.


Who is eligible for the $10,000 BMW i3 purchase incentive?

SMUD customers and their immediate family members living at the same address are eligible.


What must I provide to the dealership to receive the $10,000 BMW i3 purchase incentive?

Eligible participants must provide a copy of a filled out Customer Information Form and a copy of a recent SMUD electricity bill to receive the offer. Go to to print a copy of your most recent bill.


Who else is eligible for the $10,000 BMW i3 purchase incentive?

Immediate family members of customers also qualify for this incentive if they reside at the same address as the customer. Proof of residency must to be provided along with the requirements listed above.


Where can I locate the official Customer Information Form?

The customer information form can be found here.


What vehicles are included in the $10,000 BMW i3 purchase incentive?

The purchase incentive includes all current model years of new BMW i3 models, including the BMW i3 BEV, BMW i3s BEV, BMW i3 REx, and BMW i3s REx. No other models are eligible for this offer.


Can I use the $10,000 BMW i3 purchase incentive with models other than the BMW i3?

No, this incentive is only available for new BMW i3 or BMW i3s.


Can the $10,000 BMW i3 purchase incentive be applied towards a lease transaction?

No, this incentive is only valid for the purchase or finance of the BMW i3 or BMW i3s (BEV and REx models).


Can the $10,000 BMW i3 purchase incentive be applied towards a certified pre-owned or used BMW i3?

No, this incentive is only applicable to the purchase of a NEW BMW i3 or BMW i3s.


Is the $10,000 BMW i3 purchase incentive applied at the time of transaction?

Yes, the incentive is applied at the time of sale and will be deducted from the purchase price.


Can the BMW i3 purchase incentive be combined with other retail promotions?

No, this incentive is not combinable with other offers or retail promotions.


Is the BMW i3 purchase incentive only applicable to current inventory?

No, this incentive can be applied to current inventory AND orders placed through July 31, 2018.


When does this incentive expire?

This offer is valid through July 31, 2018.


Which BMW dealerships are participating in this program?

The offer is good at any authorized BMW dealership.


I just purchased a BMW i3.Can I still get the $10,000 BMW i3 purchase incentive for my car?

No, the purchase incentive is only applicable to new purchases made during the offer timeframe (May 1 – July 31, 2018), and must be requested at the time of purchase.


Can eligible participants purchase more than one BMW i3 during the program?

Yes, any SMUD customer (residential or commercial) can purchase one or more BMW i3 and the $10,000 purchase incentive will be applied to each BMW i3.


How many miles can you drive the BMW i3 on a single charge?

The EPA-estimated total ranges for the 2018 BMW i3 models are:

  • 114 miles for the BMWi3 BEV
  • 107 miles for the BMW i3s BEV
  • 180 miles for the BMW i3 REx and BMW i3s REx


What doesREx mean?

REx stands for range extender and is a small gas fueled engine that maintains the state of charge when the battery level is low, thereby extending the total range of the BMW i3 to 180 miles. The range extender does not power the wheels or actively recharge the battery.


Do I need special equipment to charge the BMW i3?

Every BMW i3 comes with an occasional use cable that can plug into a standard 120V outlet. However, there are charging solutions available that reduce the charging time of your BMW i3. Please talk to your local BMW dealer for details or go to  SMUD also offers a FREE Level 2 (220 volt) EV charger with the purchase of a new plug-in electric vehicle. See for details and to apply.


How can I find out where EV chargers are located?

EV drivers can find lists of the thousands of public use charging stations available to them through websites such as the U.S Department of Energy’s website or go to SMUD's EV webpage.


Is public charging free of charge?

It depends. Some public chargers do not charge a fee for charging. Furthermore, new BMW i3 owners qualify for 24 months of free charging at EVgo charge points (30 minutes of free DC fast charging per session or 1 hour of free Level 2 charging per session). See for details.


What other EV incentives are available for SMUD customers?

  • SMUD’s Charge Free for Two Years EV incentive offers a choice of $599 cash, more than enough to cover the cost to charge at home for the average SMUD customer, or a free Level 2 (220 volt) EV charger. See Electric for details.
  • Up to $7,500 federal tax credit is available when filing for taxes and applied against income tax owed. Customers are encouraged to contact a tax professional to better understand how it applies to your tax situation.
  • California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project offers up to $2,500 cash rebate on the purchase of a new plug-in electric vehicle. This rebate is subject to eligibility requirements. There may be a waitlist and funds may deplete. See for details.