Hear what SMUD customers have to say about owning an EV

In the last year and a half, I’ve driven 95% on electricity and calculated that I’ve saved myself more than $1,000 in fuel based on the real-world mileage of my previous [gas-powered car].

I've been an EV owner for five years now. It literally has been life changing for me. I work as an environmental professional and see first-hand the effects from an international, national, regional and local level what oil-based transportation does to the environment, our national security and our well-being. 

We don’t have to stop off at the gas station to fill up.  We don’t have to change oil or coolant and regenerative braking saves on our brake pads.  Best of all, we can forget about smog checks because we’re already at zero emissions.

Franklin's EV experience

Franklin and his family loved their first EV so much they purchased a second one. They're now hooked and can't imagine a life without an EV. Hear more from Franklin in the video below.