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Later this year, we'll start rolling out a new rate for our residential customers called the Time-of-Day (5-8 p.m.) Rate. This rate will become the standard rate for all customers starting in 2019.

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What is Time-of-Day?

On the Time-of-Day Rate (TOD), when you use electricity is just as important as the amount of electricity you use since you'll pay different rates for electricity based on the season and the time of day that you use it.

Rates are lower during off-peak periods because it costs us less to produce or purchase electricity. Rates increase when both the demand and cost for electricity increase, especially during the summer months.

TOD rates give you flexibility to help you control your electric bill by:

  • Shifting your electricity use to lower-cost off-peak times
  • Using less during the 5-8 p.m. peak hours (especially during the summer months)
  • Reducing your overall usage

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