Free programmable thermostats

We’re offering programmable thermostats – free of charge – to SMUD customers who do not already have one. The installation is also provided at no cost to you.

How programmable thermostats workprogrammable thermostat

Programmable thermostats automatically adjust the thermostat temperature at different times of the day, according to a schedule that you select. The main benefits of a programmable thermostat vs. non-programmable are convenience and cost savings. For example, if you’re away from your home during the day, you can program your heating and air conditioning systems to warm your home or cool it down automatically before you return.

The photo on the right shows the thermostat included with this offer.

Non-programmable thermostats require you to manually adjust the temperature and don’t run on a set schedule. 

We offer a $50 rebate on ENERGY STAR® smart thermostats (like Nest). Learn more here.

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