Make the call for safety's sake

Most utility services these days are underground. And you wouldn't want to find out by accident where they are located. The following steps cost you nothing, and they afford you peace of mind.

Pipeline safety 1-2-3811 logo

  1.  At least two (2) business days prior to digging, call Underground Service Alert (USA) at 811 or visit
  2. Once you make that call, any utilities that have underground facilities near your dig site will come out and mark their locations. Keep those marks visible throughout your project. If they become obscured, call 811 again for a remarking.
  3. Dig carefully. When you get within two (2) feet of a marked pipeline location, put away the machinery and finish the work by hand. If you inadvertently hit, scrape or damage a pipeline or related equipment, call 811. If you hear hissing or smell gas, get away, keep others away, and call 911. Then call SMUD's Gas Control Center at 1-800-877-7683.