Use your land for renewables

We’re exploring partnership opportunities for solar hosting and energy storage projects. We are now accepting Requests for Offers (RFO) of land to identify property owners with potential sites for development. A summary of the program is below.

Download the RFO for complete details of the qualification criteria, as well as a printable Site Submission Form and Letter of Interest.


Sites and site selections

The Distributed Energy Resources Community Partnership (DERCP) team will evaluate properties based on their solar suitability using mapping and solar production analysis tools. They will screen for things like size, topography, zoning and environmental considerations.

We are currently only accepting RFO's from property owners within SMUD territory. Click here to view the SMUD Territory Map.


Site criteria 

Sites are evaluated for ground mount and carport solar array systems. Decisions for buying or leasing sites are based on various criteria, including but not limited to zoning, land size, exposure to sunlight, environmental constraints and ability to integrate into the electrical grid.

Certain conditions apply in order for your site to be considered:

  • The property is within the SMUD service territory.
  • You legally own or have the authority to sell or lease the property.
  • The property is located on industrial or non-prime agricultural land.
  • The property is generally shade free, open and flat.

Time frame

Land submissions will be accepted from July - December 2017 with site evaluations occurring January - August 2018.


Site submission procedure

Site Submission Forms, Letters of Interest and photographs of the land are required to start the process. If your site is selected, additional documentation may be required and we may conduct site visits with assessors, environmental personnel and/or engineers.