SEED Quarterly Spring 2021

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COVID graphicWhile the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of SMUD’s business, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to powering our customers and community through these challenging times.

At SMUD, we’re here to support our community, businesses and neighborhoods with:

Business resources. We've compiled a list of resources for our local business community.

Contracting opportunities. Our Procurement department continues to release solicitations for essential business contracts. Don't miss an opportunity to submit a bid to do business with SMUD.

Safely paying your bill. There are several safe and easy ways to pay your bill. Online options include My Account, our guest pay option and through the SMUD App. Or, you can visit one of our authorized pay stations.

Help with your bill. We know how challenging things are right now and we’re here to help. Extended through January 4, 2021, we will not disconnect your power due to non-payment. And we won't add late fees to your bill. We want all our customers to have power at this time. Customers who are behind on payment will still owe SMUD for service, they will just not lose power at this time.

Don't hesitate to contact our team for assistance at any time at

Payment plans

While our suspension of non-payment disconnects has been extended through June 30, 2021, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you’re behind on payments. Our customer service representatives can work with you to arrange a flexible payment option and avoid future power disruptions. Learn more here.

Microloan program

Nonprofit Microloan Program 

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate our underserved communities and the nonprofit organizations that support them. In continued partnership with California Capital, we’ve relaunched our Microloan program to help nonprofits in our service area counter the economic fallout. The program offers simple, low interest microloans to nonprofits in our service area to help keep operations running. We’ve expanded the program eligibility to include 501c(6) nonprofits. 

Loans available up to $25,000 at 2% interest on approved applications.

Learn more and apply here or email us at 



There are approximately 4.1 million small businesses in California, representing 99.8 percent of all businesses in the state and employing approximately 7.2 million people. 
(U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy 2020 Small Business Profile)


Supplier highlight – Mader Supply 

Mader supply logoDependable material suppliers are vital to SMUD’s success as a reliable provider of electrical services for more than 70 years. One of these companies is Mader Supply, LLC, a certified small business located in North Highlands, which has worked hard to become one of our valuable, SEED-qualified suppliers of tools, equipment and materials. 

Mader Supply won its first contract with SMUD about 9 years ago, which kick-started their success in winning bids with local city and state agencies, as well as the Western Area Power Association and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. Mader now holds more than 15 multi-year contracts with SMUD, but that first win didn’t necessarily come easily. Mader Supply Vice President Suzanne Mader says, “As a young company, we went to work attending multiple outreach events through the CA Department of General Services (DGS) and SMUD-hosted events, such as the annual Meet the Buyers conference, to learn about the procurement process and network with key companies in the Sacramento area. Participating in these outreach events proved valuable as we learned how local government agencies do business, what is expected from their suppliers, and gained opportunities to cultivate relationships with the right partners.” 

Diligently building and cultivating relationships with vendors as well as the different areas we do business in at SMUD, Mader Supply has gained their trust to be their partner at SMUD as well as to our other customers. This has been key in our success as we continue to grow. We chalk this up to being honest and having direct conversations, outlining how we do business, along with being very detail oriented and willing to go that extra mile for our customers.  - Cathy Mader, President, Mader Supply

In addition to getting involved in local outreach opportunities, SMUD’s SEED program contribute to Mader Supply’s success. Representatives said the SEED program has presented opportunities to subcontract with large manufacturers and build relationships that otherwise would have taken many years to develop. Cultivating these relationships through honesty and excellent customer service has been key to the company’s success and growth.

New tools for business customers now available on our website

Biz Energy AdvisorFor help finding the most energy-efficient equipment or energy-saving opportunities for your business, look no further than our new Business Energy Advisor website.

The site is a central information hub that meets all the energy needs for your business, from the most energy-efficient technology to how to maintain your equipment for optimal operation.

The site is easy to use and filled with advice on proven energy management strategies and technologies to help you save energy and money. You can also browse by business types for tips related specifically to your business or by technologies currently available.

Check it out at










SMUD’s 2030 Clean Energy Vision

Zero Carbon 

In recent months, we announced our commitment to one of the most ambitious goals of any large utility in the nation, the 2030 Clean Energy Vision. This bold and inspirational goal aims to deliver zero carbon emissions without compromising our world-class reliability or affordable rates. 

For decades, we’ve been a leader in clean energy and carbon reduction, and our new vision will make Sacramento a cleaner and healthier region by reducing or eliminating emissions from our power plants. We’ve been collaborating with a wide-range of our customers, community partners and other stakeholders to collect input as we develop the 2030 Zero Carbon Plan which will be presented to our Board of Directors on March 31, 2021. 

The 4 key areas of focus for the zero carbon plan include:

  • Proven clean technology 
  • New technology and business models
  • Natural gas generation and repurposing
  • Financial impacts and options

Once developed and finalized, we’ll continue to collaborate with our customers and partners to align resources for maximum benefit and ensure everyone gets value from carbon reductions, especially the communities that suffer from the poorest air quality. We’re committed to ensuring all communities benefit from our zero carbon goal.    

SMUD’s 2030 Clean Energy Vision will prioritize local investments to drive inclusive economic development, create jobs, spark innovation and improve environmental conditions for all the communities we serve while maintaining safe reliable power with some of the lowest rates in California. This ambitious goal will put the Sacramento Region on the map as an example to follow and a region where innovative, climate-friendly businesses can thrive. Learn more and provide input or ideas at

Faster, easier payments to our suppliers

Payment iconPrompt payment to our suppliers has always been a priority for SMUD and, in the 2nd quarter of 2021, we’ll begin offering an additional payment option. We’re rolling out a virtual credit card payment method that’s more convenient than checks, improves process efficiencies and can enhance supplier working capital management. 

The Virtual Payables solution works much like accepting a conventional credit card payment, with a key distinction -- there is no physical card. Instead, payment and payment card details are transmitted electronically, with payments immediately available for processing and acceptance by suppliers. The core benefits for suppliers will include significant acceleration of payments as compared to the mailing and processing of checks, as well as the potential to reduce internal payment processing costs and simplify payment reconciliation efforts.

Soon, our virtual credit card partner, Bank of America, will begin contacting key SMUD suppliers to provide information about the program and invitations to enroll. For questions, or assistance please contact,

Upcoming projects

Charging as a Service Construction
Dry Type Transformers
General Construction for Facilities
Grant Writing
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Recently awarded SEED contracts

Recently-awarded SEED contracts
Arrow Construction
Ascent Environmental, Inc.
Cell energy, Inc.
Clarke & Rush Mechanical
Mader Supply, LLC
Technology Crest Corporation


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