SEED Quarterly Winter 2021

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At SMUD, we’re here to support our community, businesses and neighborhoods with:

  • Contracting opportunities. Our Procurement department continues to release solicitations for essential business contracts. Don't miss an opportunity to submit a bid to do business with SMUD. Visit our Solicitation Portal to learn more.
  • Safely paying your bill. There are several safe and easy ways to pay your bill. Online options include My Account, our guest pay option and through the SMUD App. Or you can visit one of our authorized pay stations.
  • Help with your bill. We understand that many customers still face financial difficulties. We encourage residential and business customers with past due bills to take advantage of our flexible payment options and emergency funding. Learn how to get help with your bill.

Please don't hesitate to contact our team for assistance at any time at

Free online resources for businesses 



You may know that SMUD offers a variety of workshops and classes for our commercial customers. But you may not know that many of these classes are now available online as recordings or self-paced guided lessons.

At you’ll find an assortment of videos that range from “SMUD Business Bill Tips” to “Commercial Battery Energy Storage.” You can easily access categories like:

  • lighting
  • building design/performance
  • HVAC
  • sustainability
  • Title 24 training

Visit to see all of our valuable business resources.

2021 Shine Awards update


The 2021-2022 Shine community development awards application period officially closed at the end of July. We received a total of 95 entries. Since then, each application has been under thorough review by multiple representatives across a variety of departments, executives and Board members. 


So far, we’ve identified and notified our Round 1 winners. The Round 2 winners should be notified in January 2022. In total, we expect over 30 Shine Award winners to be announced in Q1 2022. 

Learn more about Shine Awards.


2030 Zero Carbon Vision 


As 2021 comes to a close and the calendar moves us a little closer toward our 2030 goal, here’s a reminder of the 4 key focus areas in our Zero Carbon Plan. 

4 Key Focus Areas of Zero Carbon Plan

Read more about our 2030 Zero Carbon Vision.

Express Energy Solutions success story

In 2020, a local recycling business reached out to SMUD requesting a Virtual Assessment to learn where possible efficiency improvements may exist at their business. Following an assessment conducted by a member of the custom energy solutions program team and their Strategic Account Advisor, the organization decided that they would begin improving their efficiencies by updating their warehouse lighting to LED. Working with our Express Energy Solutions (EES) team, they began the process and transitioned one of their buildings by the year’s end.

This year, the organization decided they’d like to follow SMUD’s zero carbon lead and work toward a carbon free footprint within the next three to five years. Following an in-depth meeting with their executives they decided to pursue Greenergy as an initial first step, committing to California-sourced carbon-free power for 25% of their highest-use location the first year, with plans to increase as time goes on. In addition, they continued their LED upgrades in a second warehouse through the EES program and plan on adding more in 2022.

As a result of their energy assessment, new lighting and increased focus on energy efficiency, the business has already been able to save approximately $1000 per month. This commercial customer is extremely grateful for SMUD’s assistance in helping them become a greener organization and a leader in navigating the way to a carbon-free future.

Did you know...
The California Department of General Services has a goal to award 25% of their contracts to small businesses? Get certified today!  


Supplier Highlight - Virtual Meet the Buyers & Business Resource Expo 

At our 2021 Meet the Buyers & Business Resource Expo we added a “Successful Supplier Panel” to the session line-up. The panelists included four suppliers from various industries who’ve successfully won contracts with SMUD. Each of the panelists were provided opportunity to share how they feel the SEED program contributed to their success. Read highlights from each panelist below.

Mader Supply – Owners Cathy and Suzanne Mader started their company because they saw a need for a local material supplier in the Sacramento area. One of the first things they did was get certified as a small business and qualified for our SEED program. Recognizing the value their SEED status brought to the bidding table, they actively sought partnerships with prime contractors and significantly grew their business using this business model!

Momentum  – As a grant writing consultant, Matt Hart, owner of Momentum, won his first contract with SMUD this year. Hart was contacted by our team through outreach efforts and secured his SEED qualification when the need for this type of service arose. Through SEED program incentives, Momentum won their first consulting contract with SMUD and they’re looking forward to earning future contracting opportunities.

Roebbelen Contracting Inc. – Joel Gallion, Sr. VP of Operations at Roebbelen, joined the panel as a large prime contractor. Gallion has had opportunity to oversee large construction contracts with SMUD and he’s worked hard to incorporate SEED qualified sub-contractors on these projects. Partnering with SEED suppliers has been key to their bidding success and Roebbelen has developed their own database of SEED qualified sub-contractors that they work with on many of their contracts.

Tech-Net, Inc. – Perhaps the most enthusiastic panelist was Prasad Ketireddy, owner of Tech-Net, Inc. based in Folsom. Prior to winning his first contract with SMUD, Ketireddy participated in multiple workshops and local business associations to learn about SMUD’s procurement process. Utilizing the knowledge and tips he gathered through these resources he secured a small business certification and qualified his business for the SEED program. Years later, he greatly contributes the success of Tech-Net to the contracts and business partners he’s secured through the SEED program.

Meet the Buyers Event Panelists



Upcoming projects

3 Year Strategic Alliance for Autodesk Purchase/Renewals  
Battery Replacement Project
Cisco Network Hardware, Software and Maintenance
Power Transformers
Samsung Monitors



Recently-awarded SEED contracts

Anchor Singh Painting
Arrow Construction
 Dome Printing
Metro Mailing Service, Inc.
 Mader Supply, LLC
Tech-Net, Inc.

Crusader Fence Company, LLC

Collection Plus
Heatspotter, Inc.


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