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At SMUD, we’re here to support our community, businesses and neighborhoods with:

  • Contracting opportunities. Our Procurement department continues to release solicitations for essential business contracts. Don't miss an opportunity to submit a bid to do business with SMUD. Visit our Solicitation Portal to learn more.
  • Safely paying your bill. There are several safe and easy ways to pay your bill. Online options include My Account, our guest pay option and through the SMUD App. Or you can visit one of our authorized pay stations.
  • Help with your bill. We understand that many customers still face financial difficulties. Learn how to get help with your bill.

Please don't hesitate to contact our team for assistance at any time at

Normal billing and collection processes have resumed

As we resume our normal processes for late fees, collections and disconnections for non-payment, we have options to help with your bill. We offer several payment arrangement options for qualified customers, including installments and minimum payments. Learn more

Disconnection timeline:

Normal billing and collections process resumed


Disconnection policies resumed.

Late fees resumed

late March

Late fees added to unpaid February bills.

Disconnections began


Disconnections began for non-payment.

2021 Shine Awards update


All 2021-2022 Shine Award winners have been notified! In total, we approved $650,000 in awards to support 36 different nonprofit community partners. We’re excited to come together in support of a wide variety of projects including energy efficiency, workforce development, diversity, equity and inclusion, our zero carbon goal and neighborhood beautification.


See the full list of award recipients and learn more at




Did you know?

According to research by the Small Business Administration, around 50% of all small businesses are launched from home!

Supplier highlight: Ablegov, Inc.

Ablegov, Inc. LogoAblegov, Inc. is a certified small business that has been providing a wide range of IT hardware and software supplies and services since 2008 to the Sacramento area. With the help of the SEED program, Ablegov has secured hundreds of opportunities and contracts to expand their business.Lonny Harris Headshot

As a SEED qualified vendor, Ablegov won their first contract with SMUD in 2009 and has secured hundreds of opportunities since then. Lonny Harris, Ablegov president, shared that prior to their success with SMUD, his staff attended many local supplier events to learn about the procurement process and how to best prepare their bids. “Working with state and local government you eventually get a feel for what types of bids you might have a shot at winning.” They submitted hundreds of bids with state and local agencies before landing their first contract with SMUD. Lonny attributes part of their growing success to the SEED program, which helped them “get opportunities that were sheltered market or win bids against larger competitors due to our SEED preference.” When asked to share tips about bidding on SMUD contracts, Lonny says, “Get your bid prepared well ahead of the submission deadline. You don’t want to be scrambling to submit a bid at the last minute."

Complete Energy Solutions success story

Capital Christian Center, a local church, is leading the way to a greener Sacramento by becoming more energy efficient with the help of our Complete Energy Solutions (CES) program.

Capital Christian ChurchCES is a one-stop-shop to become more energy efficient, reduce energy bills and go all-electric. Capital Christian Center is taking advantage of the program to help lead the way toward a greener Sacramento. Over the next few years, the church plans to transition to an all-electric system and remove up to 99% of the gas lines from their campus, which includes a sanctuary and multiple school buildings.

Capital Christian Center has already installed two energy-efficient electric HVAC heat pumps in their sanctuary and they plan to install more than 100 units across the property with the help of incentives from the CES program. By replacing the gas systems with all-electric equipment and completing a lighting retrofit project, the campus will rely on clean electricity from SMUD and their own on-site solar generation.

Learn about how we can help upgrade your facilities and equipment with our Go Electric and efficiency incentives.

Submit an inquiry form and we’ll schedule a free energy assessment for your business!

Leading the way to zero carbon

What technologies are SMUD considering to achieve the zero carbon goal?100% zero carbon by 2030

We're currently evaluating proven clean energy technology like wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, battery storage, demand response and energy efficiency, all of which may play a part in helping us reach our goal to of zero carbon by 2030. We'll need a diverse portfolio of customer programs and SMUD utility-scale options to achieve our ultimate goal, including customer solar and storage and other carbon-reducing programs.

We know that achieving zero carbon by 2030 is an ambitious goal. We’re enthusiastic about new and innovative solutions to help us get there. We encourage you to email your thoughts and ideas to

All new initiatives and ideas will be reviewed carefully and tested thoroughly before we consider incorporating them into our 2030 Zero Carbon Plan.

Upcoming projects

Battery Replacement
Charging as a Service Construction
Cisco Network Hardware, Software and Maintenance

PVC Conduit and Fittings
Samsung Monitors



Recently-awarded SEED contracts

ABB Installation Products
Elevator Technology
 Mader Supply, LLC
Tech-Net, Inc.

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