Developer Connections First Quarter 2019

Beazer Homes announces big push in South Natomas

 beazer rendering

Beazer Homes (NYSE: BZH) is preparing to open its first set of model homes at The Cove—a brand-new master-plan neighborhood located in South Natomas near West El Camino Avenue, just minutes from downtown Sacramento. What is considered the newest master-plan development in Sacramento, the project consists of 590 single-family homes, townhomes, parks and a clubhouse featuring a state-of-the-art fitness facility. The Cove features four distinct neighborhoods comprised of traditional single-family homes, townhomes as well as small and large alley homes. The project, which was initially entitled by the City of Sacramento over 13 years ago, was affected like many projects in the Natomas Basin by the flood moratorium.

Once the moratorium was lifted, Beazer Homes reengaged with the project in 2017 and is planning to open its first set of model homes in early summer of 2019. SMUD in partnership with Beazer Homes, plans to make the Edgeview Townhome project an all-electric community, forgoing all gas infrastructure. These homes will feature electric HVAC, water heating and induction cooking.

Beazer Homes is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with homebuilding operations located across the United States. In addition to The Cove, Beazer Homes is actively building neighborhoods in North Natomas, Elk Grove, Plumas Lakes and Visalia. 


Announcing our next workshop!

All-Electric Development: Get Ahead of the Curve

Thursday, May 16, 2019 | 7 – 9:30 AM

Can all-electric development save you money and help you sell your project? Join us for a free workshop designed specifically for developers,home-builders and brokers in the greater Sacramento region. Learn more about the growing trend toward all-electric construction and the best commercial and residential applications for all-electric designs. You’ll get the chance to meet SMUD experts, hear about SMUD incentives for all-electric buildings and ask questions about your specific projects.

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SMUD supports commercial developers and home builders in the Sacramento region

Improving the economic vitality of our region is a key priority for SMUD and in support of this, SMUD's Commercial Development team is focused on continuing to strengthen relationships with developers, home builders and brokers. In February, SMUD hosted its 2nd developers and home builders' breakfast.

Over 75 local developers, home builders and other partners attended the breakfast at the Capitol Plaza Halls for an opportunity to network with SMUD representatives, leadership and Board members, and get an update on our development initiatives.

Chief Energy Delivery Officer Frankie McDermott kicked off the breakfast, sharing some background about the formation of our Commercial Development team and gave insights into future projects at SMUD.

"SMUD's Commercial Development and Grid Planning teams assessed all proposed development projects within the Central City and with that, we've identified nearly $13 million in 21kV line extension projects that will be built out through 2021," said McDermott. 

"We're also zeroing in on future infrastructure needs by identifying property owners of over 200 vacant or under-utilized lots in the Central City to find out what the plans are for these spaces and we're plotting them on a master map to stay one step ahead of booming development projects in this area."


State of the Industry

Arlen Orchard Speaks at the Developer conferenceSMUD Board President Dave Tamayo and SMUD CEO & General Manager Arlen Orchard also spoke at the event. Orchard gave a state of the industry update on future initiatives that underscore our commitment to the development community and the economic prosperity of the Sacramento region.

Orchard's remarks covered some big-ticket items for SMUD that'll support the economic vitality of the region like the aggressive Integrated Resource Plan goals with strategies over the next 20 years to help SMUD and the region transition into a low-carbon future, 2 feasibility studies to explore the viability of a California Mobility Center in Sacramento and Sustainable Communities efforts to advance prosperity for all SMUD customers.

"As SMUD's reliance on carbon-based fuels decreases each year, the shift to electrify our buildings and vehicles will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and advance economic development across the region. We're committed to supporting developers in creating new all-electric projects and will do all we can to make sure your projects are a success," said Orchard.

He also covered topics of specific interest to developers and builders, such as the creation of the Development Fee Offset, that makes it easier for developers to do business with SMUD, our grid investments to increase reliability and a community solar program to support the 2020 rooftop solar building standards.