Developer Connections Summer 2019

Bringing bustle back to Broadway

Broadway has deeply rooted history in the Sacramento area and has ebbed and flowed in development over the decades. From 65th Street to the Sacramento River, Broadway (formerly Y Street) stretches approximately 6 miles through commercial and residential areas dating back to 1848 when the street was first platted. Today, projects ranging in scope from urban infill and renovations to ground-up commercial, master plan residential and mixed-use development are in progress across the 6-mile stretch. The Greater Broadway District, within close proximity to the Central City renaissance, has become a burgeoning area of investment and growth. Here are a few projects under development:


2333 Castro Way, Sacramento Urban Works

castro property

Less than half a mile from Broadway, this infill project is about 6,000 gross sq. ft. with three, single family, all-electric homes seeking Zero Net Energy Certification from the International Living Future Institute. All three homes will have heat pump water heaters, induction cooktops and convection ovens with rooftop photovoltaic systems. The project broke ground on October 15, 2019 and is expected to be complete July 15, 2019. The next project for Sacramento Urban Works is an 11-unit, zero net energy, mixed-use project at 3631 Broadway.

See a 3D video rendering of the project.


2617 Franklin Boulevard, Rue-Ell Enterprises, Inc.

franklin corner lot

Not far from where Broadway meets Franklin Boulevard, this 53,000 sq. ft. mixed-use project has recently been approved by the City. It includes three ground floor commercial spaces and three floors with 39 residential units. The fourth-floor will have two-story units with mezzanines. Ground-breaking is expected in 2020. SMUD is working closely with the developer’s team on the project’s energy delivery and sustainability goals; including all-electric in the residential section of the project.


Oak Park Place, 3204-3206 Broadway, Villa Cruz Development

oak park place

This urban, three-story infill mixed-use project is about 20,000 gross sq. ft. featuring 2,000 sq. ft. of ground floor commercial space and 21 units in the two floors above. Villa Cruz Development anticipates breaking ground in the spring of 2020. Oak Park Place is currently being developed as a market-rate project and Villa Cruz Development is exploring a partnership with the City to include an affordable housing component.

Completed projects in the area include:

  • 915 Broadway
    • Selland’s Market – Café
    • Bike Dog Brewery
    • Silva Stowell Architects
  • The Mill at Broadway urban community is an urban infill redevelopment project that has completed two of the five planned phases.
  • 1601 Broadway, Core Commercial
    • Chipotle
    • Noah’s Bagels with Peet’s Coffee in-store concept
    • Sourdough Bread Co.
  • 1015 Broadway, Broadway Redux, Indie Capital

This urban infill project consists of 9 residential units. There are two different design plans to the three-story units−Broadway and Yale. This project is across from Sacramento Historic City Cemetery on the cusp of Land Park and Southside neighborhoods.


Recap: All-Electric Development and Battery Storage Workshop

workshop pic 2all electric workshop

On May 16, 2019, SMUD’s Commercial Development team hosted a workshop featuring SMUD subject matter experts. These experts discussed all-electric development and battery storage, reviewing past, present and future trends as well as existing programs and incentive opportunities. If you missed the workshop, here are a few topics the presentation touched on:

  • Benefits of building electric
  • SMUD’s carbon coals
  • 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards
  • What’s in store for the 2020 building code
  • Induction cooking
  • SMUD electrification programs and incentives
  • How to get the best value out of your battery
  • How to apply for SMUD’s battery incentive

For a copy of the full presentation, email the Commercial Development team and we’ll send you some information or put you in touch with the experts.


Paving the way for a California Mobility Center

Earlier this year, SMUD CEO & General Manager Arlen Orchard joined regional partners and local dignitaries for an exciting announcement – plans for a future California Mobility Center (Center). It’s a world-class, electric vehicle prototyping facility that will develop and promote electric and autonomous vehicle technologies in the greater Sacramento region.

In May, the SMUD Board of Directors took another bold set toward fostering innovation in the region by formally approving SMUD’s Founding Membership in the Center, including an initial commitment of $5 million to establish the Center and an additional $10 million to be made available once matching funds are committed by other partners.

panel for mobility center

The vision for the Center is to support, fund and commercialize new mobility technologies including electric vehicles, autonomous transportation, battery storage, shared mobility solutions, public transit and new business and policy models for adoption on the international stage.

The Center is a joint initiative between SMUD and local and regional institutions, including: the Los Rios Community College District; California State University, Sacramento; University of California, Davis; Valley Vision; City of Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento Economic Council.

Read the SMUD News Release.

"As California's reliance on carbon-based fuels decreases each year, the increased electrification of the transportation sector in SMUD's service territory will go a long way toward improving air quality and advancing economic development across the Sacramento region," said Orchard.

"This initiative is one that demonstrates our region's commitment and leadership that will foster innovation in the clean transportation sector and serve as a catalyst for carbon reduction and inclusive economic development—all in alignment with SMU’s ambitious goals for lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions outlined in our draft Integrated Resource Plan."

The California Mobility Center was also the focus of a recent story in the May issue of Comstock’s Magazine. Read the Comstock’s article.


For more information on the California Mobility Center, visit